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10 New Changes to Facebook that will Impact Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook is constantly tinkering with its ecosystem and manages to stir up and annoy its natives as they attempt to adapt to the new changes.10 New Changes to Facebook that will Impact Your Facebook Marketing

Protests and feelings ran so high with the latest changes that a Mashable survey found over 70% “hated” the new Facebook news feed changes.

The challenge for Facebook marketers is keeping up with the changes that matter. Some are cosmetic others will possibly impact engagement by fans and  increase or reduce “likes”

Recently there have been some announcements by Facebook that have impacted both the personal and brand pages of Facebook that will need to be considered by Facebook marketers.

5 Facebook Changes to Personal Profiles

1. Newsfeed Ticker

This has maybe created the most discussion with personal users of Facebook. The news feed ticker contains posts and contains “activity stories” such as likes and comments. It is real time and is almost a “mini me” version of a Google+ live stream.
The “recent stories” area now only contains posts from friend, pages, subscriptions and stories posted by apps.
Previous posts may now have a longer life as they will again appear in the ticker when people make comments and you can click on the ticker item to see the post again.

2. Smart Lists

Facebook automatically creates several lists these are school, family and your city ( you can even edit the radius of this list beyond the pre-set 10 mile setting). You can also easily merge lists and easily send a post to just one list. You cannot delete them once you have created them, only hide them.

3. The News Feed

The news feed has now been changed to Top Stories (indicated by a small blue triangle in the top left corner) and is determined by Facebook according to your interaction. Also added is Recent Stories, which are a chronological feed.
Remember only posts such as status updates, photos, videos, check-ins and posts from applications like “Networked Blogs” will appear in the news feed.

4. The Subscribe Button

The subscribe button allows you to make your personal profile more public. You can ensure that subscribers see your public updates. This can be done without having to “friend” people. This is a feature well suited to a more “public figure”

How to enable your Facebook subscribe button
5. Timeline

The personal profile page is now called “Timeline”. It has also now been called your personal scrap book. So you now have the ability to go back in time. You can also hide stories, feature a story or change the privacy settings
For more detail on these changes read Social Media Examiners article by Andrea Vahl.

5 Facebook Changes to Company “Pages”

Facebook has introduced a new metric called “People Talking About This” which will publicly reflect the number of conversations happening about the brand “page”. So we now have a new number to measure in the new page “Insights” analytics tool.

1. New Page Insights Analytics Tool

With the new “Page” Insights tool, Pages can:

  • See how posts they put on their Page reach people on Facebook – beyond their fans.
  • See Total Likes, number of Friends of Fans of a Page, the new public and internal Pages metric, ‘People talking about this’, and Weekly Total Reach of a Page
  • Optimize content for posts -whether they’re photos, videos, questions, etc. – see what’s working best at reaching the most people, and how to increase the viral nature of these posts.
Facebook Insights Analytics tool

2. People Talking About This

This new metric  measures the number of stories that measures people’s interaction with your fan page opver the past seven days. This includes

  • Liking your Page
  • Posting to your wall
  • Liking, commenting or sharing one of your Page posts or other content on your page  such as photos, videos and albums
  • Answering a question you posted
  • RSVP-ing to one of your events
  • Mentioning your Page, phototagging your Page
  • Liking or sharing a check-in deal, or checking in at your Place.

Apart from the number of “likes” this will measure your Brand “Buzz” on Facebook.  This metric appears under the number of “likes” in the left column.

3. Conversations on Pages

Conversations on Pages let brands reach more than just their Fans – which is important in increasing awareness, finding new customers, and even driving sales. This reach extends to “Friends of Fans” which would give my Fan page a reach of nearly 2 million.  Studies by Starbucks has found that friends of fans transacted 11% more frequently. According to CommScore they are also much more likely to to visit a store, website and purchase.

4. Premium Ad Unit

Facebook is also introducing a new expanded Premium ad unit that combines Page posts with social context from your friends when available. When the person viewing this brand’s ad has friends connected to this brand’s Page, Facebook will expand the unit to include a line above that shares which friends like the Page – thus combining the brand’s voice in the ad with a friend’s voice, together.

5. Facebook Page Insights API

To encourage third party development and analytics innovation, Facebook is also announcing a Page Insights API for the analytics developer community, so that they can create customized Page Insights solutions for existing and potential clients.
For more on these changes read Search Engine Land’s article

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  • Jeff, do you think the new subscriptions feature obviates the need for separate company Pages (especially for freelance or sole proprietor types)? Seems redundant. 

    • I run both types, personal and a blog fan “page”. The fan page is much more public and great for SEO. It doesn’t take much more time to have both and keeps personal and public separate, Cheers

    • Mitch one of the crucial Facebook “rules” (and they are constantly changing in social media) is ALWAYS keep your personal and business pages separate. Always.

      • I used to run only my personal page, but as I started getting friend requests from people I didn’t know, but who still wanted to connect with me I created a Facebook Page. Works much better now.

  • Anonymous

    The changes FB has made for company pages is by and large great as far as the analytics go. However, a change that I DON’T like is the inability to update all your fans at once with an email. This was a great way to let people know about specials, events, etc. that now we’ve lost. This is a big shame!

  • Anonymous

    The changes that Facebook has made to the pages is by and large great, especially in regards to the analytics now available. However, the change I don’t like is the removal of the update feature that allowed you to message everyone at the same time that liked your page. This was a terrific way to send out notices of events, specials, etc. that now is unavailable. This is a real shame!

    • Andy

      No, that is a good change. Sending those mass messages to people is the equivalent of spamming them.

  • Hi Jeff, thanks for the tips. I think FB will grown up to be an interesting marketing tool. But at the moment it still is in its puberty.

  • I still have yet to see the altered “like” button as an option on my page. How do I activate this?

  • Disaster can’t wait for Social 2.0 and the end of Facebooks and the like. Brand pages have been the biggest failure in marketing history (forget the exception to the rule). And Facebook Ads are not far behind. With a 40% drop in per person time spent per day on the network since 2010 and with G+ coming out Facebook sees the end just they aren’t sure if the end is after or before they IPO. No pressure Marky.

    • Andy

      Brand pages are the biggest failure in marketing history? Really? You must not be paying attention. And your perception of “marketing history” must be incredibly short-sighted. 

  • Good info to have – thanks for sharing!  I have only one question:  I’m not seeing the “Subscribers” option on the left of my FB page.  There’s “Subscriptions,’ which shows who I’M subscribing to – but that’s all.  Am I missing something?


  • Really nice and informative post Jeff. Page analytic surely will help peoples in monitoring there pages activity.

  • Really nice and informative post Jeff. Page analytic surely will help peoples in monitoring there pages activity.