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The Top 10 Posts On Social Media

Writing topics that keeps your readers coming back and Facebook sharing or Twitter retweeting your posts is always a challenge and there are different ways to help you achieve that.

The Top 10 Posts On Social Media

To help me keep on track, I sometimes take a look in the rear vision mirror and see what types of posts people have enjoyed in the past because looking at the stats can be one good guide of what you should be writing in the future.

Some other tips are to keep one eye on the trends in your industry or topical news that is breaking that day or that week.

Another idea is to see what the other top bloggers in your niche are writing about and consider if you are writing about the right topics.

Some social proof indicators that are a good guide of popularity on your posts if you have the Facebook share and Twitter retweet buttons installed are

1. The number of Facebook shares

2. The quantity of Twitter retweets

The  actual ranking of the posts below are from the number of people that actually have read the posts that I obtained using Google Analytics and my WordPress statistics plugin.

You will notice below that Facebook is currently topical (with 4 in the top 10) and has continued to expand into the Web audiences consciousness. Other areas that have proved popular are Twitter, the iPad and success in its various forms.

Here are my top 10 social media blog posts that have resonated in the recent past that you may find of interest today.

1. 30 Things You Should Not Share On Social Media

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 437  Twitter Retweets: 632

2. The 7 Secrets to Ford’s Social Media Marketing Success

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 120  Twitter Retweets: 118

3. The 10 Best Social Media Campaigns

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 42  Twitter Retweets: 440

4. 30 Fascinating Facebook Facts To Tell Your Friends

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 306   Twitter Retweets: 453

5. How To Write A Mind Blowing Headline For Twitter

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 24   Twitter Retweets: 433

6. 22 Reasons Why Your Business or Blog Needs An iPhone App

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 32  Twitter Retweets: 159

7. 11 Ways To Lose Your Job On Facebook

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares:116   Twitter Retweets: 295

8. 40 Tips On How To Be A Social Media Rockstar

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 69  Twitter Retweets: 495

9. How To Use Twitter For Business: 5 More Incredibly Interesting Case Studies

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 74 Twitter Retweets: 454

10. Facebook Hits 500 Million Users: 5 Predictions For The Future

Social proof indicators: Facebook Shares: 34 Twitter Retweets: 232

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  • I always look at stats like those to see what trends and what doesn’t. For example, one of my last posts was an interview, and I noticed it made 30-35% more pagehits than my average post, with more Facebook shares, but less comments – probably due to the nature of the post though.
    Looking at all the stats we can have a shot at – Google Analytics, Retweets, Shares, Stumbles, Diggs, anything really – is the only meaningful, effective way to adjust your aim and enhance your blogging experience.

  • Interesting list. That is a great idea to see what posts had the most interest and to keep them rolling. Thanks for the advice, you always inspire and inform.