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10 Top Google Plus Tools for Digital Marketers

10 Top Google Plus Tools for Digital Marketing Experts

Google+ is the love child of search and social.

When Google realized that Facebook wasn’t an aberration, anomaly or an afterthought it made its move. It created a social network that glued all its online assets together, collected social data and added social signals to its search algorithms. That glue cost them over half a billion dollars to design and develop. Google+ emerged from the Google lab womb with serious intentions.

To stop Facebook having all the fun, fame and fortune.

It collected demographic data that would allow them to target users with search ads that were user relevant. That’s called personalization. Others call it an invasion of privacy.

It’s the synergy of social networks and search engines that makes users salivate with information that informs and inspires them.

Google+ is about data

To create a Google plus account you needed to tell them your age, location, email account and other data that revealed your likes and dislikes. We also live in a digital data age that empowers us to express, publish and share. That reveals who we are and Google can use that to increase revenue and improve user experience.

Nothing is for free.

Social networks need a supporting ecosystem

Social media has grown rapidly because the online global community has provided the audience, the tools and the ecosystem that feeds the social media beast. The beast needs daily multi-media content to discover, wrangle and curate for its attendant audience.

To make sense of the data and allow brands to manage what could be described as extreme cat herding, you need social media management platforms.

Social media management platforms

When social media emerged from the web primal mist it was raw and wild. Smart and savvy entrepreneurs saw an opportunity. Social media needed platforms for creating, managing and measuring the mayhem and buzz.

Facebook with its longer history has many supporting platforms. Google+ is just starting to partner with providers that help it grow its community to add value to its users.

Some of the third party partner platforms for Google+ include the following five social media management platform tools.

#1. Adobe Social

Adobe Social is all about relationships. With the new Adobe® Social, marketers have a comprehensive solution to build stronger connections through content that’s guided by tangible data. It allows you to create, publish, monitor and respond to conversations, measure results, and connect social activities to business results.

Adobe social#2. Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a disruptor. It doesn’t have a traditional pedigree but it has attitude. Want to manage your social media at scale from one place then Sprinklr is worth checking out.

Sprinklr and Google+

#3. Engagor

Engagor can monitor, analyze and measure engagement. It can manage specific Twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Linkedin groups, RSS feeds, Google+ profiles and Foursquare venues. Posts, interactions and growth statistics for these profiles are also monitored.

Engagor Google+ tool

#4. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has had Radian 6 and Buddy Media in its toolkit for a while now. The feature set has been strengthened by the addition of Exact Target to its suite of products. The addition of Google+ as a third party partner platform makes its offering comprehensive.

Salesforce Google+

#5. SproutSocial

SproutSocial is also part of the third party Google+ page management partnership. Its features include managing publishing, engagement, monitoring, mobile, CRM and analytics. 

Sproutsocial Google+

As Google+ grows, the platform supporting cast will  continue to expand. So what are five more Google Plus tools that should be added to your social media marketing toolbox?

#6. Hootsuite

One of those time saving platforms for updating Google+ is Hootsuite which allows you to manage sharing to Google+. If you have a Google+ “Page” then it also allows you to update the page and also schedule updates.

Manage Google+ with Hootsuite

The integration of Google+ Pages allows brands to use HootSuite’s business-focused functionality for the following.

  • Circle management
  • Publish targeted messaging to circles
  • Google+ analytics in the dashboard

#7. WidgetPlus

The WidgetPlus widget allows you to show the visitors of your blog or website that you have a Google+ account. Therefor it’s a great opportunity to get in touch with your visitors! It also provides social proof by displaying your Google+ follower count.

Google+ tool

#8. RecommendedUsers

Want to identify users to follow on Google+ that the community values? Then RecommendedUsers.com allows you to find and share the most interesting users and valuable content on Google+. 

If you want to identify social media power influencers on Google+ then this tool can help you.

RecommendedUsers.com for Google+


#9. PlusClout

If you need to identify Influential users on Google+ then you ca use the PlusClout.com website. PlusClout is the measurement of influence a user has on Google+. It is a number between 0 and 100.

How is PlusClout Calculated? Based on data they have crunched over 15 million public Google+ profiles and items shared including posts, comments and +1’s. The PlusClout score is based on numerous public variables like number of followers, frequency and volume of information sharing. Mix in some mathematics and you have a PlusClout score.

Identify Influential users on Google+ with PlusCount.com

#10. Simply Measured

Metrics are often built into applications but there are many that just focus on monitoring and measuring. Simply Measured is one of those tools that measures. Google+ is now one of the nine major social networks it collects data on and presents in a very visual format.

Simply Measured Google+ Free report

What about you?

What Google+ tools are you using? How effective is Google+ for your marketing? Is it driving traffic, increasing engagement?

Look forward to hearing your insights and stories in the comments below.


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  • Your blog is just in time Jeff. I have been looking around recently figuring out things on increasing visibility, engagement and productivity on Google Plus and this one is a big help. Will be checking out your recommendations, been using Sprout Social but the ones you got above is worth checking. Thanks

    • Glad to hear you found the post helpful Novem. 🙂

  • Google+ is all about data, of course. Can we take profit of our own data or the data in Google+…? that’s one of my thoughts. Very interesting article.

    • Thanks for the comments and question.The benefit of the data is that it will allow Google to improve its search results which will be a benefit to users and it will help Google better target its adverstising

  • Google+ isn’t a big driver of traffic and I don’t use it so much for traffic (it only ranks fifth) as awareness and also continue to build the size of my network.

  • Terrific and useful post.

    Here is a B2B marketing tool to add to your list: Argyle Social because it offers marketing automation integration. Its big advantage is tracking social engagement for Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn and connecting it a prospect record for better lead generation and nurturing data.


    Scott Armstrong
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  • Thanks for sharing wonderful list of very useful tools for Google Plus than helps not only digital marketers but also to beginners like me who recently started promoting blog on Google+

  • Thanks for including Sprout in the round-up, Jeff!

  • I like Manageflitter which not only sorts the wheat from the chaff on Twitter but links your G+ page to Twitter. Post on both at the same time, to save time.

  • Hamza Razzaq

    Awesome list of great tools which are essential for Google+ marketing. Few of them are well known by me like hootsuite, sproutsocial & adobe social and some other are new like plusclout, widgetplus etc. It makes me crazy to use these valuable tools. I am also getting help from Teknovate Solutions to groe my business and they are doing it good http://teknovate.com.au/