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11 iPad Facts and Figures To Make The Amazon Kindle Cringe

I recently wrote an article on the three industries that the Apple iPad threatens to change forever. 11 iPad Facts and Figures To Make the Kindle Cringe

That was March .. it is now June.. it is time to check the numbers because since then the iPad has been released in many countries around the world and it is time to check the athlete’s resting pulse rate.

Here are some numbers to make Kindle cringe and hardcopy offline publishers hyperventilate.

1. Apple iPad users are each downloading 17 apps and.downloading 2.5 iBooks on average

2. Nearly one fourth of all digital books are already being sold via the iBooks iPad app

3. Over 8,500 iPad apps are available after two months on sale

4. An iPad App creator apparently told Jobs that they earned more on the iPad app sales in one day than five years of Google ads on the product’s Web site.

5. There are 150 million (credit card) accounts hooked up to the App Store, iTunes, and iBookstore.. the buyers are ready to shop till they drop

6. 35 million iPad app downloads have been logged since the device went on sale in April

7. 2 million people have already bought iPads in just 2 months, and they are ready to buy your next great iPad application

8. The average iPad reader spends 60 minutes with each monthly issue of magazines’ iPad apps. The average visitor on the Web spends just 2.1 minutes per month at Vanityfair.com and 3.8 minutes per month at GQ.com, according to comScore.

9. Companies are paying newspapers and magazines up to five times as much to place ads in their iPad applications as what similar advertising costs on regular websites.

10. In the nine days since it launched its $4.99 iPad application, Wired has sold close to 73,000 downloads–almost as many copies as the magazine sells on the newsstand–spending five days in the No. 1 paid app slot

11. The New York Times has had 350,000 iPad app downloads on one week

The number that  stands out is that the Apple iPad has gone from zero to 25% of the digital book market in just 2 months.

What do you think the impact of the Apple iPad will be on the publishing industry?

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  • Jeff,

    Nice post and analysis. To your question, I think that the publishing industry is at a crossroad of sorts. They are watching this and seeing what is happening but probably being cautious. The iPad has huge potential as a disruptor to many industries, as do the other devices set to be released.

    That being said, I think the publishing industry will have to model itself quite differently in the future to keep up with the changing landscape in user perception and behavior with devices like the iPad.

  • charlestaggart

    Interesting question and article… Being an Artist or Visual Problem solver and understanding the many different industries of the Visual Arts and how computers have changed visual communications. I feel that the Publishing Industry is going to have to follow suit…

    Back in 1989, I was showing my portfolio for illustration, photography and graphic design and was told by many that first couple of weeks, “Nice portfolio, but do you know how to use a Macintosh Computer?” Since then many people started buying computers and started calling themselves “Desktop Publishers” and causing problems with they lack of understanding in the Printing industry… Now 20 plus years later there are fewer and fewer Printers because of Technology, calligraphy is now a dying art form, Photographers that use Film are becoming rare and even touch up artists that once used an airbrush are now using PhotoShop… Even illustration has changed to the point that was once a great form of artistic style and shading techniques using pen & ink, watercolor, acrylic oil paints and mixed media can now all be done using PhotoShop in far less time… Multi Media is here and the older methods of Newspapers and Magazines will need to change also, to accommodate the many forms of bring news, stories and information of interest to those people who are interested…

    My Answer is Yes, the Publishing Industry is going to HAVE to change, or become like many newspapers and magazines recently, close and become an item of the past… They are going to have to figure out how to re-create their income and revenue sources to continue to go forward in the Technology & Information Age…

  • WOW, Amazing stats thanks for sharing…

  • Emer McCourt

    Thanks for the great stats. I’ve just written a kids’ book for the iPad and am waiting to see how it lands with publishers …it’s definitely early days for the publishing industry but there are good signs of embracing new tech from Penguin’s CEO John Makinson (see link) http://paidcontent.co.uk/article/419-first-look-how-penguin-will-reinvent-books-with-ipad/

    Seems there are deals to be done. I anticipate it will go much like the music biz – much restructuring to follow…

  • Akbarboghani

    Interesting number Jeff. I completely agree with your analysis. I have been using kindle since last 2.5 years and have bought 50+ books and was thinking about upgrading. I have upgraded to ipad last week since kindle application is available on apps store, so no switch over pain for me.

    I think publishing industry will realign their business model with new trends soon and will support online medium. Co-operate and not compete will be the ‘mantra’ for them….

  • Jeff, nice post. While I love the iPad, I’m not a big eBook fan. I can see the advantage (never having to be without something to read) but I really like the feel of pages, the smell of ink, and being able to see how much further I have to read.

    That said, I think the publishing world had better go full-on “E” or be left behind.

    JMac | @jmacofearth

  • Darla

    I think Ipads should be in schools

  • 11 iPad Facts and Figures To Make The Amazon Kindle Cringe | Jeffbullas’s Blog. I recently wrote an article on the three industries