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11 Ways To To Annoy Your Parents On Facebook

It was an update on Facebook that I wasn’t quite sure whether I was reading it correctly or not.  It seemed that my youngest daughter who shall remain nameless but not anonymous was leaving school forever.  I had spent many hours going to school meetings, reviewing the school curriculum and discussing subject options and months later she had started her new school year and here we were a few days later with an apparent announcement that she had left school. 11 Ways To To Annoy Your Parents On Facebook

Many discussions were had !!

Now I don’t know about you but I prefer to receive that sort of family news in a more traditional manner.

So what are 11 ways to annoy your parents on Facebook?

  1. Post on Facebook that you are leaving school without telling your parents first
  2. Update Facebook with photos of your first tatoo
  3. Reveal that your father is starting to go bald
  4. Announce that you have a new boyfriend before telling your parents via the phone or even face to face
  5. Post embarrassing photos of your parents while they are sleeping, snoring or wearing their gardening clothes
  6. Friend and then flirt with your Mums new boyfriend via updates and photos on Facebook
  7. Announce on Facebook that your mum has just discovered her first grey hairs
  8. Invite your parents constantly to play games on Facebook like Mafia Wars
  9. Spell incorrectly and use bad grammar (they will feel they have failed as a parent)
  10. Tag your parents on random photos on Facebook (they will receive emails constantly with links to photos that have nothing to do with them)
  11. Using the Facebook “Places” feature take photos on your iPhone of places where you shouldn’t be and upload them to Facebook

“How have your children annoyed you on Facebook?” or I can also ask the other question “How have you annoyed your own parents on Facebook?”

Love to hear your stories.

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  • anotherParent

    Humorous but a little sad. It would seem that these things that your (wayward) daughter is doing is a result of the failure of your marriage. Classic rebellious response to her parents problems, than just being a teenager. Sounds like you are normal, but I am guessing that her mother (your ex-wife) is a nasty piece of woek

  • funny list, I just take issue with #8 (seeing as I am only 22 and not a parent I see it from the other side):

    My parents and older relatives in general inundate ME with constant invites to play those stupid Farmville and Mafia Wars games. So annoying! 🙂

  • Posting a status about my bad my exams were and how I am expecting to stay back….just because they keep asking me “how were your exams…” “are you sure”..
    I actually did quite well on the exams and I actually did get them annoyed!

  • Anonymous

    Funny list!! Number 8 wouldn’t work for me though. My mom has 6000 members in her mafia. I had to hide Mafia Wars from my newsfeed :-/

  • Oh I so love this post, I think I have said before that my boys are always doing this to me! I have been having my own back recently by doing the same to them – they do not like it and have finally relented their onslaught on me!

    Do unto others as they would do unto to you – I would not normally advocate such behaviour but when it comes to teen kids, especially boys larking around with facebook in particular then the quickest way to get them to stop is to return the favour – turning the other cheek and/or blocking them does not stop them because the behaviour just carries on behind your back.

  • My daughter blocked me from her Facebook account so that I cannot see what she is up to 🙂

  • Luckily my mom doesn’t “do” Facebook. Not that I would ever annoy her on it ;). Okay, maybe four years ago.