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12 Reasons Why People Blog

Ten years ago blogs were small and personal and people wrote about their hobbies, interests and just their life.

2 Reasons Why People Blog

There was no thoughts of becoming a millionaire via a blog or even turning famous.

Today we have blogs where 50 million people turn up every month to read news, watch videos and share their comments about the latest post. There are individual online video blogs that reach millions globally every year.

Earlier this year I started a poll to ask people “Why Do You Blog?” and 492 votes later we have some hard facts and figures on why people really do blog. (here is the screen shot of the results)

12 Reasons Why People Blog
The top 5 are in ranking order are.

  1. Passion
  2. Share  with others
  3. Business
  4. Self Expression
  5. Put forward new ideas

Not surprisingly the number one reason is “passion” for their topic. In fact of all the top bloggers I know that I have reviewed  and researched, this would have to be the number one reason for posting every day year after year.

The third placed reason for blogging I would expect to grow over time as corporate blogging continues to evolve is blogging for business. The other reason for blogging that received more votes than I expected was for “improving writing”

Why do you blog?

Jeffbullas's Blog


  • I blogged for passion and self expression.

    Now I blog because I love the community and comments on my blog. I get few retweets, but loads of comments.


  • Blogging also helps to organize one’s thoughts and arguments on a subject. Maybe that falls under “self-documentation”?

  • Thanks for the insights mate, for me the main purpose of blogging is passion and branding. I had the passion for the topic for a while and I decided that the only way I can get more out of it was to brand myself via a blog and also to improve my writing 🙂

  • I blog to teach others in my field of photography. Our industry has been over-run with new competition which hurts seasoned professionals bottom line. Followers can interact with subject of interest and learn about issues or new ideas.

  • Passion and sharing with others. Definitely. Thank YOU for sharing.

  • Really wonderful post!…ll your reasons are acceptable by every one and I ll be visiting you more frequently, here is very interesting information. Thanks for sharing with us …


  • Jeff:

    I blog for business, branding and like to share ideas. It’s a great way to let people understand the type of person you are and how you think. TW

  • I blogged for a business reason with passion in it. Great statistics here/ thank you

  • Very wonderful post.So interesting and reliable.Thanks for sharing this.

  • The one and only reason I run my blogs….passion :)! Sadly, no one has ever been able to answer, what’s the value of passion?


  • Morten Krarup Kristensen

    Nice small post mate i like the idea.. But ill have to point out that a poll hardly turn out as facts, and often ppl answer what they believe is right and not the “truth” even tho its annomynous.. To be honest i think loads of ppl say “passion” because its what we would like ppl to blog about, where the truth very well could be fame or money..

  • One of the main reasons I blog is out of a desire to improve my writing. It’s a critical skill that I don’t practice enough. I also consider it a wise investment to have a strong online “brand”. Not to mention that it’s a cool way to network with people you’d never talk to otherwise.

  • LOVE THIS. Passion and business are my big two – though sometimes I feel a little less love for my business than my blog 😉

  • TriciaRecruiter

    RT @jeffbullas: 12 Reasons Why People Blog http://www.jeffbullas.com/2010/07/23/12-

  • I blog photos primarily to stay current in the search results.

  • I blog mainly because I want to improve my writing and express myself. It feels good when you were able to express yourself and share your feelings, ideas, stories and the like through blogging.

  • I’m currently blogging with passion, for my favorite football team, Manchester United. I think it’s important you have passion for whatever your blogging about because you’ll obviously put more work and effort into it which is very imporant.

    I also have a personal site which I’ll be using to impress clients in hiring me 😉

  • While I created a blog to write about my passions, I wish to share my thoughts with others as well. The real goal, however, is to combine that passion with business — that’s where the gold is, in my opinion.

  • I blog because of passion. I’ve gotten so much out of it that sometimes its my therapy. I like sharing my experiences on my blog and reaching out to more people.

  • These are excellent suggestions. I love your blog posts, they are consistently relevant, content rich, and easy to apply.

    Lisa Ann Landry
    Vibrating positive energy…what are you vibrating?

  • to write. it’s cathartic.

  • hjkramer

    I am trying to understand why people like to blog. I am a web designer and have clients that want blogs but I don’t really get it? I am a very private person by nature and I need to understand the blogging concept so I can give the best service to my clients. I’ve searched this topic and can’t really find anything useful. Can anyone help me understand?


  • Because its a way to speak even if no one is listening. You still get it out your system

  • I started blogging because I had recently moved into the online world from book publishing. I thought it would teach me about inbound marketing at my own pace. I didn’t care about how many followers I had to start with. Now I’m pretty obsessed with building my reach. I’ve learned far more than I expected to and I’ve grown more passionate with each post.

  • Anonymous

    I blog so I can share knowledge that I have learned with others.  I am very passionate about what I do, love to teach others about it.  My wife got tired of listening so I started a blog!  

    • Pulin

      @Sminso:disqus I agree with your point and stand with it.We need somebody who read our blog and admire and at the same time we can feed our passion too..

  • pochrelucio

    Share ideas.

  • I write to empty my mind of thoughts and to lighten my soul, I started a blog after a personal tragedy occurred in my life and writing kept me sane, it still does.

  • Pulin

    I blog because I like to express myself in terms of my knowledge and skills and of course this wouldn’t be possible without my passion. It is a great way to showcase and share what you have.

  • Pulin

    I blog for passion and like to share with people.But some time I have question that How can i feed my family from blogging business since blogging is becoming my passion!I am aware that it takes time to establish trust&rapport in order to be a famous.

  • blogging is not only for sharing thoughts and ideas but also important for communicating with your customers/clients.

  • Becky

    i blog to share what i learn and it’s a great release!

  • ‘The other reason for blogging that received more votes than I expected was for “improving writing”’ Yea, I guess I’m with you there.

  • For me, passion and sharing with others that drove me to blogging.

  • Sweetdrk1

    folks keep telling me I should. I am considering it and it would be about my passion: knitting. This is great info, thanks!

  • I like to blog to share good NYC stories & events, beauty products, share all my information about fashion, modeling Entrepreneurship, its fun, its a way for me to create. People do like what I write and post, everyones happy.

  • Ann Bilowz

    This supports your number one reason – wrote this post when @hubspot had their #Blogfor30 – http://blog.bilowzassociates.com/2014/01/thirtysomething.html and whether it falls under improving your writing, it was a New Year’s resolution that started my blogging to just make sure I was writing every day (five hours was my goal.)