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15 Social Media Marketing Frustrations And Challenges: What Are Yours?

Social media marketing has emerged as a powerful new tool in recent years that continues to be integrated into companies marketing communications plans.15 Social Media Marketing Frustrations and Challenges

As social media marketing is relatively new there is still a lot of learning and trial and error by companies, agencies, marketing professionals and consultants as they come to grips with how to best use the major platforms  like Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. There is also other platforms that can used such as Wikis and Forums and a recent survey by Forrester Research revealed the top 15  channels that were used by companies for B2B social media marketing.

This also brings up another challenge and that is that B2C marketing with social media requires different tactics and platforms than B2B social media marketing.

Social Media can be used for

  • Customer service
  • Public relations
  • Promotions
  • Behind the scenes look at orgaisations
  • Advertising

Organizations need to define their goals for social media in order to be successful. Goals may vary among platforms. For example, Facebook may be used for customer service and broadcasting updates while Twitter may be used for promotions. YouTube could give the behind the scenes look at the organization. The success factor may depend upon the goals: a certain number of new customers as a result of a promotion may be one goal; another may be responding to all customer complaints within a specified window of time in a customer service situation.

So it is apparent that there is still a lot of learning ocurring with its associated successes and failures as social media marketing continues to evolve.

So “What’s the biggest challenge or frustration you are having with social media marketing “Right Now ?

Here are 15 that I have recently heard.

  1. Turning followers into customers
  2. How to make money using social media marketing
  3. Getting followers or friends on Twitter or Facebook
  4. Getting subscribers to your blog
  5. Getting traffic to your website, blog or Facebook page
  6. Creating  good quality online videos
  7. How to create the best type of Facebook page or set up a blog
  8. Choosing the right social media channels to use
  9. How best to use and optimize the social media platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube
  10. How to use social media marketing to get great PR for my company
  11. Creating postive noise and Buzz about your brand on social media
  12. Managing your time and productivity
  13. Creating content
  14. Finding high quality social media marketing training and resources
  15. Coming up with creative ideas for your social media marketing campaigns

This is only a list to get you thinking.

So what is the biggest challenge or frustration you are having with social media marketing right now?

Look forward to reading your comments below.

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  • Frustration is one of the best channels for solving problems and coming up with innovative ideas. That’s a pretty good list to work from. I hope your readers will put this information to good use.

    We featured this article on the DAILY TOP 10 ARTICLE BLOG at bizsuccessdigest.com

    Great work Jeff! We enjoyed reading it and had to pass it along.

  • I find it hard to get people to become PASSIONATE and ACTIVE about our B2B industry (copiers/ document management). I can’t find much active commenting and social communication happening in our niche…

  • Bill Garber

    Six comments in four days pretty well explains your plight, Jeff.

    None of these problems are solvable.

    Social Media support real people in real jobs, or they are utterly ephemeral.

  • Hello Jeff, Thank you for posting the list of challenges. I think most of the points are relevant to all people using social media.

    My biggest frustration today relates to point 12.Managing your time and productivity is not getting distracted .
    In the sea of information about social media, there is a danger of drowning…

    it is all so interesting and fascinating and it is really important to focus on one activity at a time

  • Itzo

    What are the most common fears people have Jeff when it comes to Time Management, Productivity & Social Media?

    Someone else can join to this discussion, if you have any frustrations in that area, which ones fears ring the bell for you?

    I find that there are negative and positive fears, ones the motivate you, and others to prevent you from getting motivated 😛


  • #16 – Tracking ROI. Ugh.

  • See this article which talks about how social media can be disadvantageous to business and what to do about it. http://bit.ly/SocialMediaDisadvantages

  • #11, #12 are difficult, but my biggest frustration is lack of strategy and planning, or ignoring it! Leads to poor social media coordination, disjointed efforts, and worse!

  • If you can wrangle #12 the rest fall in to place. Manage your time, don’t let it manage you. : )

  • Emily Hunt

    Just about all of these challenges apply to my organization, which has been dabbling in social media but is now focusing on it a bit more. With several lines of business that are all somehow connected, coming up with strategies for each including content and making money are proving challenging. But, I’m learning it’s a lot of trial and error and there is no silver bullet.

  • Tracking #ROI and justifying time spent on social media activities to non believing decisionmakers.

  • Tracking #ROI and justifying time spent on social media activities to non believing decisionmakers.

  • Finding the time to keep up with all the changing and new social environments and then making judgements on which to focus on and which to discard.

  • Perhaps some of us are looking at the wrong things? I don’t expect to convert the people who like my page or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest into buyers, unless they were already clients or customers before hitting those buttons. I try to make my sites rock, but not look too polished to establish myself as (1) a thought leader, (2) service-oriented and approachable, and (3) someone who manages her brand. The payoff is that people who are are most likely to buy from me will see me in a particular light, that I’ll attract customers. For one thing, being seen as popular and busy are important. People like to hire busy people. They are often seen as employed. And who doesn’t like a popular person? So establishing and maintaining social media accounts is more about developing and managing an identity (brand) and, therefore, attracting the people who are most likely to buy. It doesn’t matter if they are the same people as the ones who like my page. Some of them never will hit the button. I have clients who have not hit the like or follow buttons. I’m a personal trainer. I can’t have more than about 13 personal training clients at a time, but I’d love to have 1000 likers and followers.

    P.S. One problem now with getting people to like Facebook business pages is spamming. Most people don’t realize that business pages do not capture personal information and, therefore, we cannot spam from those pages, nor do we become “friends” when they like our pages. We need to get the word out.

  • Ruby Rusine

    The need to convince senior managers that it must be part of the overall marketing plan. Then there’s also the need to manage time efficiently.

  • Morgan Drdak

    Demonstrating value without revenue when you have constituents instead of customers.

  • #13 Creating content is an ongoing challenge. If I were to add one it’d be “making your ripple stand out among an ocean of attention-contenders”

  • Cynthia Cavoto

    Convincing clients that social media is not “magic” and that it takes time and patience. Clients think that within a month or two, they will have thousands of clients from social media. Trying to explain to them that first your audience needs to trust and find value in your product or service is never ending.