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20 Things To Do When Facebook Is Down

What do you do when your computer gets hit by a virus and you need technical help to fix it and it is 5am in the morning?

Well, that’s what happened to me a few weeks ago and the pertubation of deciding how to best use my time was not a pleasant experience.20 Things To Do When Facebook Is Down

I couldn’t write my daily blog, I couldn’t write or send email, there was no online reading being done or research that I could perform as my web world was offline.

In fact working out what to do when your digital centric universe decides that it is not going to play with you takes some creativity.

So after realizing that I couldn’t even grab a coffee as it was too early in the morning I decided to be really innovative …. and proceeded to clean and tidy my desk!!

So what do you do when your world revolves around your Facebook pages? Well one of the top stories during the week was the fact that Facebook did stop working for a few hours.

Here are my 20 Tips on what to do when Facebook is down, feel free to add some more in the comments.

  1. Get on to Twitter and send tweets telling everyone that Facebook is down (along with millions of other people tweeting that Facebook has crashed) creating a social media apocalypse that crashes Twitter
  2. Clean your desk ..again
  3. Buy Google shares
  4. Ring your friends and actually have a conversation with awkward silence
  5. As you can’t fix the fence on Farmville, go and wash your real car
  6. Send an SMS to your friends announcing to them what they already know.. Facebook is down
  7. Read your children a story
  8. Do your tax return
  9. Write that proposal for your client that you have been meaning to do for days
  10. Send another Tweet that Facebook is “still” down
  11. Write a blog post about Facebook being down and the implications for society and our reliance on social media
  12. Start using Instant Messenger again
  13. Start planning to create a Facebook competitor
  14. Get out your 100 point bucket list and discover that there is not one digital goal you want to achieve before you die on the list
  15. Start a family
  16. Call your girlfriend and suggest that you have a bit of fun!!
  17. Email your 1,000 friends and tell them that Facebook is down
  18. Poke someone with your real finger… then hire a lawyer for sexual harassment
  19. Start a knitting club
  20. Do some work

What did you do when Facebook was down?

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  • Entertaining post… I’d love to see you take it a step further and outline ideas for a blackout – no phone… nothing! Now what…? A few options on the list would stay… #15 & #19 would remain.

  • Very funny, Jeff!! Loved it.

  • That – was pretty funny. Is #15 a euphemism for something…? True story: I was doing a “Facebook Marketing Workshop” at 1:00PST Thurs when Facebook went down. Timing is everything…

  • Marie-Helen Muhonen

    When FB was down i actually noticed it, and got alarmed.. then i rethought.. and did light some candles and did a fruitsalad. Then me and kids played games.. Like Monopoly Express.. We also put up one of these smaller tents inside. For daughter to sleep in, decorated it and made it cosy. One can also go out for a walk say Hello to neigbors.. Or go for a bike ride.. Or visit friends that are watching the blank computer screen and help them out.. Hugs of love to ya all

  • I just can’t bring myself to clean my desk. Ever. So I sat down and wrote a blog post. With a pen. And paper. (I know). After that I pondered the many ramifications of carpal tunnel syndrome and took a nap.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Very funny article…. Loved it. Thanks for sharing….

  • Facebook was down? Just kidding.

  • wini

    Great read jeff!

  • facebooklover

    i love facebook. but in ohio it was never down. lol, but this was very funny. loved the blog 🙂

  • Love your sense of humor, Jeff!

  • Great stuff, always think tidying the desk should be further down the list. It’s a last resort if im procrastinating. Reading these blogs are high on the list. Cheers

  • Anonymous

    except… facebook is never down! hahahfodnaomfoa (evil laugh)

  • Allright Jeff… Now I know what to do when FB is down at that ungodly hour…
    I will call you and we can brainstorm our next round of Interviews!!
    No ‘awkward silences’ here.. LOL
    Or maybe we can Skype and have a visual competition on desk cleaning !??

  • Brian Vickery

    Uh, do JUDO!! Actually, have coffee with wife, then go judo, then have wine with wife. Yep, that’ll work 😉 Fun post, Jeff. Need to do a knockoff for when HootSuite goes down.

  • Biiglunn N

    Facebook is down

  • Melonearth

    Funny…! Read a book…maybe sleep…and write a blog about it…! Learn how to use google+…tweet….sleep some more! fun post, thanks!