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  • http://www.wom10.com Blaine Millet


    Thanks for the great blog post. I work with several non-profits and have been telling this to them for quite some time now. This post provides the statistics to support what I have intuitively seen. Thank you for the great summary and insights into the different demographics.


  • Mc4175

    Thanks Jeff. I found it very useful. My recent blog post was also about 5 reasons why social media matters for central banks. I think not so many bloggers cover on the central bank role.

  • http://www.vermontdesignandmarketing.com/ Peter

    Again, right after I discuss this topic with client youve got a post about it.
    Will refer them to this as well.
    Thanks .

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1827844940 Xi Yue

    Very useful data! Thanks for the post Jeff.