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  • http://blog.wildapricot.com Rebecca Leaman

    Thanks for including my “26 Great Social Media Presentations For Non Profits” post here, Jeff. It’s been especially great to have readers (both at the MrTweet blog and on the original posting at Wild Apricot Blog) adding their own “finds” to help build the resource, on top of those 26 presentations I’d selected. Would love to get your suggestions, too!

  • megandp

    Wow – this is a great resource. Can’t wait to check out the links. Regarding point #2 – the comment on how simply having a twitter account does not magically produce results is so true. You need to know how to use the technology effectively in order to see any return. I see some nonprofits are using it effectively but other organizations seem to think that a feed, or one-way communication, is good enough. I think it’s missing the point entirely. A pet peeve of mine is when the organizations don’t even bother to follow you back, or do follow you but fail to respond to comments (even when they are compliments!)

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  • http://clairification.blogspot.com Claire Axelrad

    Great post filled with useful information. I’ll be sharing!