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  • http://www.interactone.com Thomas Mongan

    Great Post! As a Internet Marketing company we have been pushing social media marketing to our clients and it has really paid off! Both for us & them! This article is great as I love numbers and statistics. Keep up the great articles & take care.

  • http://www.museumofnewmexico.org steve cantrell

    Thanks Jeff, another great post. I do the pr/promotion for the state museums in Santa Fe – one person four museums no assistant. It all seemed so overwhelming until the opportunities presented by social media (in its broadest sense) came around. I went to some conferences years ago, subscribe to great blogs like yours to keep up, and now use FaceBook and Twitter (and our newly created media center) to be my virtual assistants in getting the word out about exhibitions and events. I have seen coverage of what goes on in our museums increase – in both traditional media, but online, too. The viral effects have been terrific – almost as nice as getting AP to pick up a story. I still send out media releases to the dwindling number of journalists still covering the arts.

    • http://www.expansionplus.com Mary Anderson

      Hi Steve – How nice to “run into you” here. I’m so happy to hear of your great successes with Social Media.

      Jeff – what a great and succinct post. Thanks.

  • http://excellenteditors.com Frank DiCostanzo

    Thank you for the analysis and observations, Jeff. Though social media has certainly gone “mainstream,” the benefits of getting involved now and staying current with online branding and marketing will not pay off for another 5–7 years, as more and more digital natives come of age. It’s their world now. And the new media revolution has just begun…

    Again, thank you for breaking down these numbers and trends. I depend on your blog for consistently valuable insights and information…

  • http://stevepohlit.com Steve Pohlit

    There are only two actions I consider positive responses in any marketing initiative we agree to implement:

    1. A prospect leaving their contact information for follow up
    2. A sale

    Compare this to the indicators of success above and you will see a noticeable difference.

    Steve Pohlit, President

  • http://shoppologist.blogspot.com Stephen Saunders

    Hi, what a great, succinct blog entry ! I really appreciated how you captured the essence in a ‘parsimonious’ fashion.

    Will be interesting to see how this picture unfolds.

    All the best

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  • http://www.facebook.com/LLOnlineBlogera Gabe Alvarez

    Great article! the more information we have out there to quantify the benefits of social media advertising to the bottom line, the better we all are. I, as a small social media consultant for individuals, nonprofits , and small businesses, find myself always stressing the fact to my clients that traditional media is declining fast and that they need to pay attention to social media as their main advertising tool to reach audiences.

    Thank you for sharing this great info.


    LLOnline Blogera

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  • lana

    still learning… thank you!

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