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Survey Reveals: The Top 5 Social Media Channels Companies Are Using

I recently posted an article on my Blog on “How Many Social Media Channels Should Your Brand Be Using?” and it came to my notice this survey conducted by Minneapolis-based […]

28 Reasons Why The CEO Is Afraid Of Social Media

I talk everyday to clients who want a new website and want to be found online, but the word Social Media doesn’t even enter the conversation and […]

Why PR Should Take Social Media Seriously

There are two parameters that help define PR, reach and influence and getting your corporate message out efficiently without filters is also vital in the age […]

Are These Facts And Figures About Twitter True Or False?

In a recent post I mentioned that Quantcast’s traffic estimate for Twitter for the USA was 26.5 Million visitors for the month of June, 2009. As I don’t live […]

How Many Social Media Channels Should Your Brand Be Using?

I sent an invite to a past colleague of mine to be a friend on Facebook just recently and he sent me back an interesting email, which in essence […]