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    Very informative, thank you so much.

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    I really appreciate your tips for optimizing, I have about 25 wordpress blogs and really think your information on videos is excellent. Keep up the great work

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    Great info. I used to spend alot of my time boating and being involved in sports. It was quite possible the most memorable time of my life and your post really brought back me of that. Thank You

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    Well, i was working on the seo project and apply some of your tips which are seeming quite applicable and usable to my project ,Thanks for letting me to know the concept.

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    Another fascinating and informative post Jeff, Kudos. With online video consumption rising at it’s current rate of increase and not looking to plateau any time soon, getting your head around video marketing and video SEO has never been so relevant and essential to market success, both future and present. You raise some excellent points in this post, ones which I’m sure will resonate with many folks, keep up the stellar work :)

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    Great writeup Jeff! This is substantial, but not unrealistic. I do think many people, businesses and organizations overlook this ‘goldmine’ SEO channel. One aspect of using video on a blog I’ve noticed is that the post should not just be the embedded media. Having a short writeup as well for those who want to skim or cannot, for some reason (in a public place like a library), watch and listen to media. Most of the time, for me, I want to know some of the content of the video before I start watching it to see if it’s worth my time.

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    Great article. I’m finally going to make a few videos. Length of the video was one area I had concerns about. I’m going to try a few strategies and see what works best. 

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