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  • http://theviralmarketingblog.com Ricardo

    Great post man! Liked particularly the Structural Motivation analysis, aha so tru!

  • http://www.brandthony.com Anthony Perez

    Great post, Jeff, it’s one of the things we have to constantly remind clients at my agency. But I also think you miss another key point. True value content (which has the ability to go viral) can spread outside of the Web.

    If I’m on Twitter and my 6 closest friends aren’t, it doesn’t matter if the marketing message relevant to my network of friends only reaches me. If it reaches me and I find value in it, I might mention it later to my friends over dinner, pull out my iPhone and show them, or explain it to them.

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  • http://moonlightmarketing.wordpress.com moonlighthk

    One challenge organizations will need to grapple with the more they delve into social media is content replication across various networks/platforms. I don’t think there’s anything wrong (in fact that’s one of the main objectives) with blasting an offer/ad across the various networks, but what about similar content like a press release. What dangers lie in posting the content on the website, blog, facebook and linkedin? I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this topic. Thanks!

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  • http://www.constructionmarketinguk.co.uk Peter L Masters

    Structural Motivation – reward early successes.

    This key phrase sums it all up! Social Media fans are working together because they believe in Social Media. 2 days ago I’d never heard of Jeff Bullas and now I check his blog daily because it’s good and makes sense. Not only that, but I’m taking time to “discuss” a meeting I had early this morning with a local businessman.

    Earlier this morning, I had a meeting with an old friend, the Director of a Real Estate company, and he asked my take on what’s going on with Social Media? How come I was so enthusiastic? How can he possibly find time to do “all that stuff”?

    How would it help him? Why Tweet? What to Tweet?

    Sensible questions from a businessman, right? Real Estate is his speciality, but he’s smart enough and forward thinking enough to know that communication, particularly Marketing, has changed dramatically over the last year or two!

    I immediately said that our meeting was a good chance to discuss how communication had changed, not just for Real Estate or Construction, but for everyone. I mentioned that many of the UK’s major Construction companies were already using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc but some of the SME’s were slow to catch up, perhaps because they lacked the resources.

    I added that I can only sit with one person for 45 minutes and look at my blog and see and explain what’s going on, BUT with Twitter I can do the same with 100′s of followers around the world AND all at once! How amazing is that?!

    I also explained that in all Marketing, communication adds value; if people see a company or hear about a company, there’s much more chance they’ll use their service or products than if they didn’t. Simple, right?

    That’s why his company has got a website and that’s also why they spend a lot of money on advertising.

    I asked him if he still advertised in the local newspaper, he said yes, of course, but it was a dying concept because everything’s on-line now!

    A Eureka moment! He had answered his own question.

    I showed him the Social Media video on my blog, it was maybe a tad early for Fat Boy Slim, but he got the message.

    As for finding time to Tweet, to update LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and whatever else would truly benefit him, I’ll do it!

    That’s what I’m here for!

    Good post Jeff!


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