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  • http://www.prscoup.com Gabe Chesman

    Really interesting findings. Comment #3 explains why I use social media. It’s a fantastic way to find interesting news, people, and resources that would be nearly impossible to find otherwise.

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  • http://hrmargo.wordpress.com hrmargo

    Brilliant collection of statistics. I’m impressed. This validates my hunches, and puts metrics behind them. Thank you for this well constructed post. How about http://www.yammer.com ?

    Best wishes,
    Margo Rose @HRMargo http://hrmargo.com

  • http://www.fusedlogic.com Walter Schwabe (@fusedlogic)

    Jeff, thanks for going to all the trouble of distilling down this report. I’m only part way through it and there’s a lot of information as your blog post supports. Great job.

  • http://www.llonlineblogera.com LLOnline Blogera,LLC

    Awesome information. Very rich in content and relevant for us advertisers to understand better the needs, trends, and utilization of social media by companies out there.

    Thank you for publishing.


  • http://www.abcey.com/blog ABCey Events

    Amazing report. Thanks for boiling down the 43 (!) pages for our readability!

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    Please check it ,i think its better for Business .

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  • http://www.business.com/ Ben Hanna

    Hi everyone – very glad you like the report. We’ve recently released several more reports from this same data set that cover certain topics in more detail. These are:

    “2009 B2B Social Media Benchmarking Report” – detailed look at the most relevant results for B2B marketers. http://www.business.com/info/b2b-social-media-benchmark-study

    “Engaging Small Business Decision Makers Through Social Media” – for those marketing to small business, this report provides more in-depth review of the social media resources small business leaders turn to for business information. http://www.business.com/info/engaging-small-business-through-social-media.

    “Social Media Best Practices: Question & Answer Forums” – since opinions differ so widely about whether Q&A forums like LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo! Answers, Business.com Answers or others are great ways to connect with your target audience or a waste of time, we combined insights from over 1,100 Q&A users and over 800 companies using Q&A forums to generate best practice advice for getting the most out of Q&A forum participation. http://www.business.com/info/social-media-best-practices-q-and-a.

    We’re working on several more reports for Q1 as well and will announce on Twitter (http://twitter.com/B2BOnlineMktg) when these are ready.

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