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  • http://walteradamson.com Walter Adamson

    Interesting analysis of the quantification of attention. Some of this relates back to “gift practices” which permeate all societies to different degrees, which also relates to groups and belonging. Your point is that this is now able to be measured in a way which we were never able to do before, which in itself drives behaviours. Walter Adamson @g2m http://xeesm.com/walter

  • http://www.johnakerson.com/blog John Akerson

    How fast can measurements quantify the terms of the “amazing gift economy of Wikipedia and the blogosphere, driven by the nonmonetary incentives of Reputation, Attention and Expression”

    Well – the answer to that is – measurements will be built and refined to quantify those nonmonetary incentives at EXACTLY THE SAME SPEED as people will scratch, claw, and struggle to *monetize* those metrics.

    For some people (and businesses) all of the metrics are valuable only so far as they can be distilled into cash flow, profitability and monetization.

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  • http://creativegun.wordpress.com/ Karen

    This was a really interesting post, Jeff. Thanks.

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  • Jessicasjoys


    Excellent article. Social media is changing the entertainment industry as well as the way we do business.
    Social media has become such a popular place because it allows people to connect that would have otherwise been impossible outside of the digital forum. For instance, I am new at blogging and marketing my product however I am striving to make sure that I have a quality product and image. Following blogs and articles such as yours is really a gift to me. It gives me knowledge that would otherwise take me hours of research and mistakes to find out on my own.
    We can have 8000 friends and/or followers but if we are not offering something that is of high quality or something that someone else can benefit from, we may just be wasting our time. I appreciate blogs like this one and others who are willing to share what they have learned to help others be successful. Thanks Again.

  • crvdmedia

    Very interesting post Jeff.

    I love the pyramid of self-actualization you included (the colors coincidentally align with the Eastern Chakra system). 

    I’m interested in the intersection between what Maslow deemed “self-actualization” and digital media. The ability to quantify attention or consciousness or whatever you want to call it is certainly an invaluable tool.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Thanks for the comment. Social media is certainly changing society and as Arianna Huffington said is that “self expression is becoming the new entertainment”. Implications for us all is that this measurement with your readers through retweets and Facebook likes provides feedback that keeps us relevant.

  • http://twitter.com/AdvtageDigital Advantage Digital

    great post jeff keep them coming

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