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4 Key Mistakes Of A Social Media Competition

My last post was about ” The 7 Secrets to Ford’s Social Media Marketing Success” which was primarily about the success of the Ford Fiesta Project’s […]

The 7 Secrets to Ford’s Social Media Marketing Success

Last year I noticed articles and videos appearing online and on Social Media such as YouTube about the Ford Fiesta. So I decided to dig […]

Getting Intimate On Twitter?

I have enjoyed and toyed with Twitter since I first signed up in December 2008, not expecting the journey to be so transformational. For the […]

Only 29% Of Companies Have A Social Media Policy: Is Your Company At Risk?

Companies are coming to terms with the growth and use of Social Media within and without their organisations and some of the companies that I […]

Why Blogging Makes You Trusted and Credible

Blogging doesn’t come cheap, especially if you want to do it several times a week. You have to come up with a good idea, create […]