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  • http://www.socialmediapath.com Jeff Marmins

    Jeff – grateful for you sending me the link. My life is built around social media for business, predominantly in the B-to-B space. Jeremiah Owyang at Altimiter is one of the experts helping to drive best practices. His “Roadmap: Integrating Social Technologies with your Corporate Website” (Slides) (#4.) has some exceptional case examples of how to miss the boat (Outback Steakhouse) and those progressing toward integrated online solutions (H & R Block, Pepsi Refresh Project, Huffington Post, Vitamin Water). the focus on slow and steady improvement, having a clear roadmap and clear kpi’s are the critical message. Note: for those anticipating a free ride to success without appropriate investment: You won’t climb this ladder. Deliberate integration of social properties with your corporate (websites) is a patient exercise.

  • http://weblogbetter.com Kiesha @ We Blog Better

    Hi Jeff,
    I’m truly honored that you’ve mentioned my post here. Thank you for sharing it with your readers. It’s truly appreciated.

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