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  • http://www.businessesgrow.com Mark W Schaefer

    You are writing far too many interesting blog posts. You are doing an outstanding job — consistently interesting and well written.

    This particular subject is near to my heart. I love thinking through the implications of these convergences. If your readers are interested i wrote a post on 10 social-tech megatrends that also talke more about this “Internet of Connected Things”


    Thanks again for the great work, Jeff!

  • http://thomasknoll.info @thomasknoll

    Meanwhile, are people becoming less connected? And less social?

  • http://www.JeffGreenhouse.com Jeff Greenhouse

    Great observations about the increasing number of non-human inhabitants of the net, but I’d like to add a thought:

    Many of these connected objects will be communicating on our behalf, based on settings, preferences and learned priorities that we give them. This makes them proxies for ourselves who may interact with other people’s proxies, or the other people themselves. It strikes me that that is still socializing.

    I’m excited to see these predictions become realities.

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  • Guest

    I have to say that I’m a bit confused. The internet community consists of the people that use it. Our devices play the role of connecting us to the infrastructure. How does a proliferation of devices affect the behavior of those using the internet, so as to make the internet a less social place?

    I’m not seeing the connected dots.

  • http://index-site.org/ Kyle

    I too am having diffuclty try to decipher the correlations with the data and facts you gave and the “Non socialness” of it all.

  • http://twitter.com/JacobLester1 Jake Lester

    Considering that its anticipated that the number of devices will grow to over 22 billion by 2020, where and when will smart cameras enter the mix of ‘thing’?

  • Adrian Stevenson

    You are reading the title in the wrong context, what it means is that non-human devices are surpassing the amount of online users. e.g. 22 billion devices are connected but only 1 billion people. What it is simply getting at is that more and more devices are being integrated into the internet, it is no longer just a pc, laptop or tablet, it is now TV, radio, alarm systems, telephones, smartphones, house hold utilities like fridge freezers, photo frames etc.

  • Samantha

    Another good blog post! As online marketers, we are now in a battle of
    worth between human work and non-human work. Ultimately, nothing can
    replace the quality and intricacies of services provided by humans. I just hope that people understand the value of human work and interaction off and online.

  • Guest123

    Wow this is really poorly written. Wow.