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  • http://www.design1st.com Allan Kerr

    Hi Jeff,

    Great Post.

    Here are 2 reasons’s I believe Twitter will hit the magic number before facebook.

    1) Privacy Concerns:
    Facebook monetizes user data, without consent, potentially surpassing Google in Ad-Revenue as a by-product of this “user-data-mining”

    2) The Long-Tail:
    Twitter is a different beast. What I found most advantageous is receiving un-biased opinions, up to the minute, on my favorite topics. Being in hi-tech, I find this a competitive-advantage as few, I believe, leverage Twitter’s “search” functionality.

    Personally, for me, Twitter all the way. It’s potential has not been reached yet. Consider the Technology Adoption Lifecycle.

    Facebook = Late Majority Stage
    Twitter = Early Adopter Stage

    Projected Growth Strategies for both “Social Mediums” favor Twitter.


    Twitter: @ajkerr84

  • http://blog.esimplestudios.com Gabriele Maidecchi

    My personal view: I see a current huge boom in Twitter’s activity, while Facebook is stalling (sometimes even imploding, like in Italy at the moment) almost everywhere. The difference in their numbers is still huge so I don’t feel like betting on Twitter just yet, but the trend shows the final result isn’t an easy guess.

  • danielgrant

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