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How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers

The principles for spreading your content and your brand message have not changed whether it is on Twitter, Facebook or email. You need to have […]

Sharing On Facebook Is Worth 6 Times More Than A Twitter Tweet [Study]

We all know that social media is all about sharing. Some people have a preference for Facebook, others Twitter and the older demographic leans towards […]

The New Twitter Newspaper You Cannot Ignore

I don’t about you but I have noticed a Twitter newspaper bobbing in the Twitter stream over the last few months and the occasional few […]

5 Reasons To Tweet Before You Blog

Comments on your blog let you know that someone is out there reading your posts, it lets you know that  they are reading and finding […]

Twitter’s Growth Continues To Skyrocket: Reveals Latest Numbers

There was a point in time that Twitter seemed to  be faltering and its chirping would become silent like many meteoric startups that crash and […]