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  • http://www.WebTechUniverse.com Dave Heinrich

    Excellent work, Jeff! You’re a terrific scout – for the future. Always look forward to your posts! Ciao, Dave.

  • http://www.PennyStockSafe.com penny stocks

    the latest effort to determine how exactly Twitter will help the world, a new study argues that the micro-blogging platform can predict.

  • http://twitter.com/TimotheeB Timothee Bardet

    A great post well documented and structured. Blogging state of the art. Thanks

  • Sniper

    great post Jeff. 18 months ago I discussed this topic with some former colleagues as an opportunity to develop a specialism and was laughed out of the room. funny how now most leading brands use SM analytics/intelligence to forecast sales and ultimately profit.

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  • http://GrowMap.com Gail Gardner

    Just what society needed – another way to manipulate what people believe is going on. You do know that what we call social proof is being manipulated on major sites from which reviews are shown on the first page at Hulu to which tweets are hidden or blocked at Twitter to what appears in the search engines well placed – and what doesn’t? And it won’t occur to very many people to even think about all that.