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  • http://JulioRVarela.com Julio Ricardo Varela

    Jeff, I like number 6. Whatever happened to person-to-person meetings? Ha! Hope you can survive your Skype withdrawal.

  • http://daleod.com Dale O’Donnell

    Person-to-person meetings are difficult if one of the people are located somewhere else.

  • Markus Müller

    3b. use Google Talk (ok, I had to talk to a programmer and did not want to use a phone (too expensive to call European cellphones – but I found out how much we rely on Skype et al.)

  • Arifa

    LOL its funny =D

  • http://www.weddingplanning-books.com Wedding Planning Books

    I say much on some chocolate and cogitate!

  • http://daleod.com Dale O’Donnell

    Skype is back now! I’m no longer biting my nails worrying about losing clients etc. Thanks Jeff for this humorous article xD

  • http://www.hcg411.info Brian M Connole

    I’m not a big fan of Skype these days! But they might convince me otherwise soon enough.