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  • http://thewordenreport.blogspot.com/ The Worden Report

    Taking the Face off Facebook: A general or basic distrust of business can show through in charges that Facebook is using its facial recognition technology other than what is being represented publically. For its part, Facebook launched the feature without even bothering to work key stakeholders. For more, please turn to my essay at  http://bit.ly/kf67XL

  • Lobba68

    I would definitely make the switch even if it meant not being as ‘connected’. I’m sick of having to update my privacy settings every time Facebook rolls out something new, and the deceptive language they use on the website that everything is for one’s own benefit. 

  • http://www.gfxcave.com steelface

    probably if the name wasnt altly

  • http://twitter.com/stoneysteiner Steiner Urs

    Thank you for this interesting post! In my opinion there
    are two main issues that could drive users away from Facebook. 
    First: the fact that
    Facebook changes constantly the privacy settings (that one user needs to adjust
    regularly if you want to keep your privacy). You have to watch Facebook updates closely for not missing anything.
    Second: the ongoing
    commercialization of the Facebook userpage like publishing all kinds of so
    called “user related advertising”.

    I have read and tested another (self declared by the owners) alternative to
    Facebook: path.com.

  • http://www.mediatrust.com MediaTrust

    i could not agree more on this front. how much more privacy abuse can users take. Facebook has never respected users and constantly makes updates that effect everyone without and notification etc. consumers have to constantly keep changing their settings and app makers get kicked in the teeth none stop. 

    last week there was a new update and all of a sudden my wall is getting spammed endlessly with “your cute” apps etc. its getting to be beyond annoying.

    Zucks “i want to be the internet” is going to be his end. its just another walled garden like AOL, and the internet is about openness. not closed walled environments that abuse users…

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  • Graypartners

    for every google there is a….oh hang on, wait a minute….

  • http://fungeezer.com Steve Thomas-fungeezer

    I don’t know about another social media platform. Of course there will be new ones crop up and the evolution of social media is a given. The question is, how many can we actually use?

    I currently am on Twitter, Facebook and now Google+. The jury is still out on Google+ but it looks like it might be good.  The emergence of Altly might be bad timing due to the Google+ rage.

    I’ll be curious to see.

  • http://twitter.com/coco_dubai Talei Loto

    Unlikely, I’ve just signed onto Google + and am navigating my way around that.  Interesting that we are seeing the alternatives to Facebook ‘popping up’ so frequently now. The power of facebook was that is that once it was clearly the leader in social networking, now there are others nipping at its heels.  The privacy and commercialism is an issue.  Aside from that, its the openness – users of twitter and google + seem a lot more open with info vs facebook users.  Also, I think people are a lot more comfortable with their sharing personal glimpes of themselves etc vs. when facebook first started up.  Different times, different people, different needs. Always changing.