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  • http://www.vcmarketing.co.uk Ving

    Thanks for sharing Jeff. I haven’t even heard of the last three platforms. I will be sure to check them out for my future campaigns.

  • Anonymous

    Now a days when social media is one of the best way for marketing and facebook , twitter , linkedIn , youtube these all are famous social sites. But there is another one social site recently launched that is google plus and as it has provide separate business platform so in coming days it will be the most popular path for marketing or online business and it has many features which can be very useful for business with SEO.

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t all this stuff be called “social marketing” instead of social media?  Facebook is about the only one that is used by some of its users exclusively for social purposes (ie, real friends and old classmates, relatives, etc. type connecting). 

  • johnson

    Thanks for sharing the useful information.This is very useful for every one.Social Media is one of the good way to increase our Marketing…….

  • http://howcanistopsweating.net/ How To Stop Sweating

    The order is pretty much how I expected it, although I didn’t expect to see MySpace in the mix. I think you have a good point with them, now under new ownership, and buying the company for a bargain, there are a lot of opportunities to reinvent themselves. I personally have never used the website. I have a feeling that YouTube will leapfrog Twitter on this list in the next 6-12 months purely based on the fact that Google+ is going to become a formidable player in the Social Media Marketing arena. Thanks for sharing Jeff! @ustopsweating:twitter

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/jlulli JuanLulli

    Don’t you think Slideshare, which now acts like a network with features enabling sharing, posting, commenting, liking, ought to be in a Top 10 list?  Whether B2B or B2C, running campaigns with links to Slideshare presentations that you can embed into your Linkedin profile seems smarter than marketing on some of the later-listed networks in your list?

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