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Why Content is the Foundation of your Social Media Marketing

Coca Cola, which is one of the worlds most recognized brands has recently announced that its marketing strategy is moving from “creative excellence” to “content excellence“. This […]

Pinterest – The Best Social Media For Newcomers?

In the past few months many people have been arguing whether Pinterest is for men or for women and who’s using it at the moment. […]

Awesome Facts and Figures on the Rise of the Social Mobile Web – INFOGRAPHIC

I had the privilege of speaking at the BE-Wizard  Web Conference in Italy last week. It was a tribute to Enrico and his team at […]

What is Pinterest and How Can You Use it for Marketing your Business?

It’s official, Pinterest is becoming the latest craze in social media – the chic new visually stimulating social sharing site is quickly joining the likes […]

How to Make an Infographic of your Twitter Profile in 30 Seconds

Computer technology at its birth was complicated and extremely difficult to use. It was the sand box of geeks and engineers. You had to have […]