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  • http://thesocialrobot.com The Social Robot

    These are great examples. I didn’t know Harvard and Yale were doing so well in social media.

  • http://twitter.com/PragatiBidkar Pragati Bidkar

    Hello Allison, Thanks for this insightful article. I remember checking rankings on usnews, sending preapps and pouring over brochures before deciding where to apply. Kids today have many options through social media.

    I think the onus is on the schools to up the ante where their social media presence is considered. Those with well managed pages will ‘glitter’ whereas a lot of otherwise high ranked programs might suffer if they do not have an active social media presence.

  • http://trendingstream.net/ Andrew Richard

    Thanks Allison for providing these tips,I was very much confused whether I can have a Facebook page for my website or not.Now I have decided to have one which will keep my audience engaged with the content.Thank You.

  • http://www.agencyplatform.com/ Dave Thompson

    Social Media is all about engagement that is what I’ve read everywhere and that is kind of true. This article provides good insights of what should one do to get the desired engagement. Thank you for the great article.

  • http://twitter.com/CristianSonea Cristian Sonea

    Thank you for this great post, very useful information!

  • msilva1

    I consider Lesson 3 to be the most important. Being active and a part of the conversation is so crucial these days. It is important for a brand to remain relevant and responsive. It is also important to understand the need for engaging content to spark conversation. You have to keep customers and followers interested and involved. Responsiveness is key!!

    A.B. Freeman School

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  • Mhairi

    As a student taking a social media class, this blog hits the nail right on the head. It is so exciting to be studying social media at a time where there is so many job opportunities in the field. I have recently been research the impact social media has on a business for my internship, and this post has lots of powerful takeaways. I think #3 is especially important, the is an interactive medium, what is the point of using social media if you are not staying in touch and creating conversation.

    Great post,


  • http://twitter.com/DniseSonnenberg Denise Sonnenberg

    I’m actually working in the Higher Ed arena, so thanks for the links and info. The Top 100 list is awesome.

  • http://www.pimediaservices.com/ Henry Smith

    Nice tips! I like the idea of sharing also. It is essential to keep everyone in one loop so that no one misses a single information about you and what you do. But you should know the way it has to be done. Or else it will be a complete mess. Social media marketing is not easy as it seems to be. Learn it.

  • http://www.socialbakers.com/events/engage Anne Goulding

    The search for colleges has changes a lot in recent years. Not 8 years ago, we were thoroughly searching through the various rankings of the best universities, searching though their websites and attending many conferences with the respective universities’ delegates. Now, we are following their Twitter profiles, checking their Facebook Pages and it gives us, in my opinion, a more personal and more clearer look at these universities (not that people are no longer checking their websites and various rankings lists).

  • Allison Rice

    Mhari and msilva1, you’re exactly right. Lesson 3 is often the most important – You can set the stage perfectly with relevant and eye-catching information and posts, but if you don’t stay in touch when people respond, you won’t create a lasting relationship. It’s one of the powers of social media that we can directly connect with our customers. Take advantage of that and set aside 10 minutes a day to respond to comments, and even to interact on other pages and sites!

  • http://twitter.com/shelbysosp Shelby Sorensen

    I definitely agree with all these lessons. I believe that to know the ‘now’ of the college you are looking to apply to and to see the variety of activities, articles, and anything that is happening on the campus or with the students, alumni, and staff is very important. It’s also important to see that it isn’t just an institution but a group of people that are a community that interact with the public and its students and faculty. I wonder if this really helps with recruiters so that they can have a change up and be able to go where the potential students are located rather than where they think they are located. Even if you are just a representative for the college, it is very important to sit down and reply to comments as well as Allison Rice has commented about.

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