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  • http://twitter.com/HarounKola Haroun Kola

    I agree with most of these points, and this article has also made me realise that there’s so many more that I never even knew I’d be infuriated with…

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  • http://facebook.com/pages/Mind-Your-Own-Body-LLC/119097894811058 Kevin M. Norris

    Hi Jeff!

    Makes me question using WordPress. I am in dire need of a web site with limited funds. What do it yourself web site developer software do you recommend?

    Thanks Jeff!

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      At the end of the day it is really like Facebook which is the defacto social network for half the web world.
      It is the default blogging platform !

    • John Clark

      I thought I replied to this but not showing up so here it is again – we use DotNetNuke as the main platform which has an excellent series of blog modules. DNN is a CMS that also has blogging modules. WordPress is blog software that can be bent into a website CMS.

  • http://inform.ly/ Dan Norris

    Good stuff, the search is a joke. The other really annoying thing is how widgets work and not being able to easily show some widgets on some pages but not others. After all these years I really thought they would have dealt with this. I use Widget Context which barely works. Joomla had a solution for this 6 years ago or more.

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  • http://twitter.com/iamLaurenBatty Lauren Batty

    Never thought I would find myself laughing about a blog post on WordPress, but this one was actually funny and well written. I am currently playing around with Squarespace, any thoughts?

  • cboulanger

    You voiced a lot of my frustrations. Installing JetPack deals with #1 & #9 to a certain extent: You can use Sharing, Forms, Extra Widgets and the Gallery features to deal with many of the most common plugin needs. But you are right that getting it going is a pain.

  • http://twitter.com/onestopentrep Chim Aaron

    I don’t disagree with the points you’re making. However many would struggle to get started at a decent technical level online without WordPress. Not everyone has technical skills or the time to build a website and not everyone can afford to hire a developer. But I accept that you’re making the case for improvements to WordPress and I think your suggestions are reasonable.

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  • http://www.incion.com/ profesional web design

    Awesome post about WordPress, Thanks for posting.

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  • http://paradisesocial.wordpress.com/ Mike Poynton

    Two words (actually, a word and a number): “WordPress 3.50″. Ughhhh!

  • wizardofaudj

    These are all hilarious and great. Thank you! But where is #6?

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Obviously none of us can count! :)

  • http://lutrov.com Ivan Lutrov

    Agree with almost all of those points, especially the WYSIWYG editing fiasco. But then again, nobody has written a WYSIWYG web editor that actually works, so I reckon your prediction of 2032 might be a touch optimistic.

    The “multisite admins” problem can’t be fixed with “couple lines of code”, as you suggested. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

    On a side note, the attached image to this post is an absolutely ridiculous 690K monster, which takes forever to load and therefore impacts on your own site usability. You know how to fix that, right?

  • http://lutrov.com Ivan Lutrov

    Does this blog allow comments?

    • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

      Of course!

  • http://jeffbullas.com Jeff Bullas

    Thanks Ivan for that heads up. Titles are always entered. Will look into it

  • http://www.3hatscommunications.com/blog/ Davina K. Brewer

    Funny! Problems aside – fixable issues too – WP is still a very solid platform for many web novices. Like anything, you have to put in the time to learn, to code, to research which plugins work w/ what themes, etc. FWIW.

  • WowThemes.net

    Awesome post about WordPress:)

  • tompick

    This is just brilliant stuff. Definitely one I’ll include in an upcoming “best of” post. The question is – who is this “Jamil” guy? He clearly knows his stuff AND is entertaining.

  • http://www.expertvillagemedia.com/ Ruby

    Nice and very useful tips to fix it.

    Thanks for sharing great article
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  • abismorkal

    nice post thanks for sharing with us such a quality content.

  • Mark Simko

    easiest up to a point. for anything more advanced like widget control (Joomla modules), use groups and permissions, multiple and split menus, theme (template) editing, and using advanced editors, Joomla is far better. the little bit of time you spend learning how to use the rich feature set plays of very quickly.
    the Joomla extension directory (Jed) has detailed information on Joomla extensions (WordPress calls these plugins), with ratings. Joomla extensions with security issues cannot be listed in the Jed.
    WordPress is only easier for the most basic of web sites.

  • Robert Miller

    You can boil this article down to one sentence: Real webmasters do not use WordPress to build websites!

    I think perhaps the most important about making a website was left out of this article and that is SEO! WordPress on its’ own is a nightmare in itself, but when it comes to WordPress, it does an excellent job at butchering any organic SEO you intend you use.

    Everything about how one starts to make a business website is wrong when it comes to WordPress. The correct way to build a website is to first carefully plot out your SEO and decide what your targets and approaches will be. The very foundation to any important website should be a very solid foundation of organic SEO and then you build your website on this foundation! That’s the SEO expert’s way of doing it.

    With WordPress just the opposite is held true, first you try to figure out which template might be the best for you ideas and then you try your best to incorporate your content within the confines of the template. Where was the consideration for the SEO? Don’t even start to tell me that you’ll use the SEO plugins for WP because that is nothing but a JOKE! SEO can not be created by software and/or plugins! It is created by understanding how SEO truly works and building a website to your SEO needs.

    My customers had usually been those businesses that desperately wanted to get away from the WP bullcrap. All great websites start from a BLANK page and from scratch. You don’t need to be able write HTML5, but you do need a real web editor like Dreamweaver or Freeway Pro in order to accomplish a website like what real webmasters make.

    Forget about how the website is going to look and feel until you have totally plotted out all your SEO and then that should determine as to your look, feel and design of the website.

    But in general, I totally agree with the article, WordPress is crap at best. Pros don’t use it for websites. It is merely a blogging tool at best.

    The way I describe it to customers is this. It is the sausage machine of the web editors. You feed into the top of it your content, images, videos and wait to see what the hell it is going to spit out. The source code is nothing but a lot of garbage and unnecessary crap that gets in the way of the search engines. The search engines immediately know they are NOT dealing with an organic site! Search engines will ALWAYS rank organic SEO over backend/CMS SEO. Basically put, it is not fair for the unsuspecting businesses owners to have these damned WP crap web site “builders” be in business.

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  • http://www.dalalstreetwinners.com/ pramod baviskar

    nice and helpful post for amateurs !

  • http://www.educhatforums.com Fahim Zada

    Thank you for this helpful article.

  • BeachWebDesigner

    Let’s see, How about security? Even paid plugins can be full of security holes. How about just adding some JavaScript to the page? Every theme has a different admin panel, oh and about five thousand other things.

  • http://www.devmadeeasy.com/ Luke Jackson

    I can’t stand wordpress websites, it like you need a plugin for everything, and you still need a good bit of JavaScript PHP CSS HTML, and HTML5 codding, sucurity pffffft….And ARGGGG, Great with ready with some awesome commentary, I’ll stick to my wire framing, boostrapping, noding, and angular, SEO and SEM are also problematic….BIG TIME! http://www.devmadeeasy.com/

  • http://nexwebsites.com NexWebSites.com

    Why use WordPress or any other CMS for that matter? If you can grasp MarkDown (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown), which is very easy to learn, you can by pass all of the issues related to WordPress, like performance, security, updates, poorly written plugins or hosting expense and have complete control of your website’s layout by using one of the many free static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo or Middleman. Writing in MarkDown can be hugely productive for writers or anyone who would like to create content and have the best performance possible.

  • Alice Wonder

    There is something seriously wrong this blog. While visiting, twice it asked me to authenticate as admin.