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3 Simple Powerful Reasons Google+ is Good for Your Business


The name is maybe the most recognized brand in the world next to Coca Cola and Apple. Around two-thirds of the world’s internet population uses the Google search engine as opposed to other search engines.3 Simple Powerful Reasons Google+ is Good for Your Business

Bing has struggled to make a dent in the search universe and Yahoo is fading. Google has made the science and art of search into a technology that continues to surprise and is aiming to remain relevant despite the rise of Facebook and Twitter.

Google’s core product of search produces revenues of over $30 billion a year and this will not continue unless it continues to evolve its product with features and functions that are relevant, mobile and social.

Google+ is a new face of social media and is the key and core to Google’s web strategy and business. When it was announced almost everyone said “not another social network“, but 12 months later it has rapidly increased in popularity and has now passed 250 million registered users.

Why Use Google Plus as a Social Network?

Google plus forms a good platform for all the business people and the average user. Most marketers have included the Google plus one button above their content to become a part of this vast social network. The Plus one button makes it easy for your viewers to share your content on the Google plus network if they like it. It is the Google+ equivalent of a Facebook like.

Another key feature of Google plus is that you can follow people and their content in a single group or different groups; which could include family or friends or also create a group of people sharing the same interest on a particular topic.

The next advantage of using Google plus is that if your content is shared on Google plus then it gives a positive signal to the Google search engine that your content is quality content and helps you in getting a good ranking.

Here are three reasons as suggested by the digital media agency, IQ Channels why adding Google Plus account is important to your business.

#1. Circles

In Google + “Circles” is the equivalent of Facebook “Groups”.

It allows you to place all your contacts in different circles such as friends, colleagues, work etc. Therefore, when you post certain content you can choose the different circles where you want them to be displayed. You can also choose the update to be public if you want the content to be seen by everyone or you can keep it private.

Many conversations on Google+ happen in private in these “Circles” and it has led to Google+ be accused of being a ghost town when in fact it is full of vibrant passionate communities and tribes.

What you see on Google+ that is visible and public is just the tip of the iceberg.

This feature allows you to share content that is specific and targeted to that group. Sharing content that is relevant and on topic is important as a business.

#2. Hangouts

This is a place to where you can create your own video chat rooms including up to 9 participants. Here you can have a live chat with multiple people at a time. This is the best place to educate your clients, share ideas or tell customer stories and case studies. You can create hangouts with customers where you can share information face to face without getting in a car or plane.

Google+ has made it easy to do and has led to its competitor Facebook to up its game and produce an equivalent feature.

Live face to face video on the web is transforming communications as the printing press did for the written word.

#3. Search Engine Friendly

As Google controls this social platform they are using it for capturing signals for their search engines. They are also using it to capture data that will enable them to serve up more personalized data to its search users and paid Google “Adwords” customers.

The advantage to business of participating on Google+ is that you are providing content and information that will improve your search engine results (sometime called SEO or search engine optimization).

Many online stores rely on these organic search traffic results to drive free traffic because 90% of all search results happen when your website appears on the first page of Google. That is important!

Google sees Google+ as core to the future of an increasingly social web. The investment by Google of over half a billion dollars provides a hint as to how important Google sees Google+ in the future of the internet.

How About You?

Have you tried Google+? Have you participated in a hangout? How did you find it?

Are you still waiting for your friends to join so that you have someone to talk to?

Look froward to hearing your experiences and stories.

Guest Author: Kate Ford is Tech writer from the UK. Catch her @thetechlegend on Twitter 

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  • Jeff and Sharon Reed

    I remember resisting the change from Yahoo to Google. I am using Google plus, but not a lot and I had never heard of the hangouts until today

  • If you take SEO seriously, you need to consider Google+ as part of your social strategy. Google is the number one search engine and it pulls data from Google+ as part of the ranking algorithm. Sharing content on Google+ can improve your social signals, in turn improving your rank.

  • Sandra Tedford

    I was resistant to G+ at first, however started using it recently. There are a number interesting conversations taking place and the SEO benefits are also a plus. Looking forward to seeing how Google will enhance G+ with features that will attract users.

  • Thanks Jeff – this has got me thinking. I *need* to embrace google+ but I’m really struggling. When you’re set up as a brand, I struggle to know how to get started as you can’t follow people until they follow you (I think?) so the only way I can see of gaining a following is to promote it via other social networks – and I’m already happily connecting with those people there anyway….

    Do you have any tips for getting started (or a post you’re recommend?) I’d really appreciate it as I’m clearly missing a trick.

  • It’s gotten much better. I will say that Hangouts beats the snot out of using GoToMeeting or any of those other tools. Much easier.

  • cohen moles

    Google+ has a lot of good benefits when you’re promoting a brand/site.I tried it and it’s really working. http://www.blueverse.com/2013/04/26/social-media-marketing-tricks-that-will-never-be-over-the-hill/

  • Here is a great place to start: http://www.websighthangouts.com/category/google/

  • Gilly Brown

    I am a g+er and love hangouts, so much better than any of the other video sharing sites. Still need to up my game with them 🙂