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4 Must-Have Tools for Social Media Marketers

The world of Internet and social media marketing is cut-throat and you need to have the right tools, platforms and skills to be noticed and stand out from the crowd.4 Must have tools for social media marketers

Today especially, so many entrepreneurs and small business owners are seeing the benefits of marketing online. Many people are adding Internet and social media marketing to their repertoire of skills or leaving their day job to work from the comfort of their home.

Knowing the best tools out there for Internet marketing is key to staying on top of trends, scheduling your days well in advance and even being able to pencil in a bit of time for yourself, too.

Here are four tools that are worth considering for helping you publish, manage, save time and monitor your social networks.

1. WordPress

WordPress is a publishing platform that allows marketers the freedom to start publishing online without having to know any computer programming.

When the social media revolution started it was thought that maybe blogs would die. Popular press was promoting the thought that social networks such as Facebook and  Twitter would see the demise of blogs. In fact the reverse is happening and we are seeing the rise of blogging both personally and by companies as the hub for the creation and marketing of content that can be promoted and also published on your social media networks.

It appears that social media hass in fact energised bloggers globally.

Wordpress your social media marketing hub

The latest figures reveal that over 100,000 WordPress blogs are created every day and there are over 55 million WordPress sites around the world.

There are 2 ways to start blogging with WordPress:

  1. You can use the free versions which don’t cost anything and are hosted for free. These can be found at WordPress.com 
  2. You can pay a small fee for to download a WordPress template, customise it as little or as much as you want and have it self hosted with your own personal domain name. This gives you full control for very little cost.Typical costs vary from $$50-$200 plus the cost of hosting which can be $4-$5 a month to get started.

WordPress.com accounts are free, as long as you’re happy with basic features. Don’t let the word “basic” fool you, though. Even WordPress’ baseline options are pretty great in comparison to other free blogging platforms. The best part is that WordPress’ layouts are so business-like that it’s possible to use the platform to create a full blown website. So if you know HTML or are willing to pay a price to upgrade, your options are even greater.

2. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple social profiles such as Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn and Google+ effectively. It is used by some of the top brands (79 of the Fortune Top 100 companies) as well as  social media marketers and bloggers.

Hootsuite Social Network Mangement

Some key features:

  • It enables you to track your social media analytics and it even integrates with Google Analytics
  • Provides auto scheduling of tweets (up to 50)
  • Create search streams that allow you to will pull up all tweets for a word or even a #tag
  • It has mobile apps for almost any device and can be used on your iPhone or iPad to keep on top of your social accounts while out and about

It is a dream come true for Internet marketers who secretly hate being chained to their laptop. You can add up to five profiles with a free account and you receive countless profiles with a cheap $5.99 per month account.

HootSuite lets you schedule posts to be sent out for whatever date and time you want. This is often the best – and only – way that an Internet marketer can actually take some time off. Plus, you can add any and all streams you want from your social networks to keep on top of your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn friends (and more) all from the same site.

3. Mail Chimp

Despite the attraction of the shiny new objects of social media networks, taking full control of your direct messaging online requires an email marketing platform that integrates with your blog and social media platforms. The value of building a email subscriber list cannot be overstated. It allows you to contact your followers whenever you need to, without the filter of a Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm or getting lost in the Twitter torrent.

Mail Chimp email marketing

For as much information as Mail Chimp holds, you’d be shocked to know it doesn’t cost a penny to get started. You can add, customize and control your mailing lists easily. There are tons of options, too, so whether you have a bunch of people opting into your newsletter or you want to target your personal mailing list for the first time, Mail Chimp lets you do it. There are also tons of options for adding Mail Chimp widgets to your website or blog. The best part is that Mail Chimp is super clever, right down to its adorable messages you get when you sign in.

4. Evernote

Evernote may not be a direct way to publish online, but it is the easiest and most convenient option for Internet marketers on-the-go. Sometimes, the hardest part of the job is organizing everything you need or remembering random thoughts throughout the day. It is a tool that allows you to keep organised no matter where you are.

Its key features:

  • It not only allows you to capture notes but audio web clips, webpages, files and images that are accessible to all your devices and computers you use.
  • It keeps it all in one place so you can access it at anytime
  • Share your notes with colleagues and friends and collaborate on projects

So Evernote can be installed on both your computer and your cell phone, and your account can be linked and synced over a WiFi Internet connection or the office internet. Save everything from notes and pictures to video and sound recordings.

Want to get more organised then Evernote will help you achieve that.

What About You?

What tools do you use to manage your day as a blogger and social media marketer? Do you use any of these tools?

What tools would you recommend

Guest Author: Dan is a blogger with a background in email marketing who recently learned how to create iPhone apps. He has since added this to the list of services his agency offers and has found it to be quite profitable.

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  • Rebecca

    Google Apps is a MUST too! It really helped me streamline my docs, appts and clients!

  • Like the HootSuite inclusion. But I, personally, prefer Sprout Social. For small business owners who tend to be ‘uninitiated’, the reporting is invaluable. Clear, concise and easy to understand. And their support is unsurpassable.

  • Abel Pardo

    Hootsuite 5.99? How can you get it at that price?

  • Diane Bianchi

    These are great tools. I use every one of the myself! I would also recommend Buffer – it’s great for spacing out your tweets.

  • I don’t think I could make it through a day without Hootsuite! I use AWeber vs MailChimp, but it’s kind of a Ford or Chevy thing… just a personal preference because of the ease of the forms.

  • Hi Jeff,

    Bufferapp is an essential tool for me that I use every day.

    All the best,

    • so, buffer app is worth to try? is it better than hootsuite?

  • Love the article- Didn’t know about Evernote – can’t wait to check out. But the best thing is Mail Chimp. I love and use WordPress and Hootsuite – couldn’t live without them. But Mail Chimp is fantastic. Their customer service is 2nd to none. There are tons of more professional sites for managing e-mail news but Mail Chimp has the best and easiest to offer – love them!

  • Personally, I prefer Sprout Social to Hootsuite. It’s easier to navigate and the analytics are miles better than Hootsuite’s. In my mind, the only plus to Hootsuite is that you have the ability to schedule Google+ posts.

  • Shareholic helps us more quickly post our blog updates to our social networks. It also has sharing tools that post to your website.

  • Jorge, I think there are about 10 other gaping holes. This is only a starter list but your suggestion is a good one. I use Google Analytics all the time.

  • Hi Jeff,
    Glad you included Hootsuite, that what I use on a daily basis to schedule my tweets. But I don’t use it for any other networks, as I prefer to manually post or schedule on Facebook.

    Another cool blogger tool/platform is Triberr, have you heard of it? I’ve written a review on it here >> http://initi8marketing.co.uk/my-1-secret-to-getting-more-blog-traffic/

  • Connor from HootSuite

    Thanks for sharing Jeff and Dan! Great list of tools here – we certainly appreciate the kind words about HootSuite.

    Hoot on!

    -Your friends at HootSuite

  • Connor from HootSuite

    Thanks for sharing Jeff and Dan! Great list of tools here – we certainly appreciate the kind words about HootSuite.

    Hoot on!

    -Your friends at HootSuite

  • Connor from HootSuite

    Thanks for sharing Jeff and Dan! Great list of tools here – we certainly appreciate the kind words about HootSuite.

    Hoot on!

    -Your friends at HootSuite

  • Theresumebuilder

    All are very good apps, it is a good thing that these apps exists because these do help a lot..it makes social media managing easier, convenient and faster. Saves time!

  • Love #Hootsuite!

  • I couldn’t live without Hootsuite and I use Campaign Monitor not Mail Chimp – I like the functionality for reporting. Like the sound of Evernote but have a great memory so never needed to use it!

  • newtronsols

    If the idea is to drive traffic to a web site then Google Analytics is also vital. Note I also use my own site binreminded.com to schedule tweets.

  • If you haven’t looked yet. It allows you to set customer schedule times for any number of days of the the week. Also gives create analytics. All this for free!

  • Ola Agbaimoni

    Hi Dan – about 20 minutes ago I was reading an article on socialmediaexaminer where Jeff Bullas said his favourite tool was socialoomph and I can’t agree more. I love Hootsuite and Bufferapp but the ability to schedule recurring tweets on socialoomph is invaluable, saves times and ensures that the had work you spend writing blogs isn’t wasted as you can publish the same link repeatedly without having to write a new update each time. Works on Twitter Facebook Linkedin

  • Mark

    A great social media tool that is specifically made for B2B is Oktopost (www.oktopost). It really shines when it comes to LinkedIn.

  • After Engagor, Feedly and Pocket are some of my most used tools. Couldn’t be productive without them!

  • Alexander Peiniger

    You may want to check out our quintly. We help by giving you access to competitive benchmarking, so that you can always see how good you are doing with your social media activities against your peers. https://www.quintly.com/

    Let me know if you want to give it a try 🙂


  • Thanks for the article, i already used all of them, plus bufferapp..

  • I love Buffer, it is easier to use than Hootsuite. I’ve been using Evernote for years but now I find myself using Pocket more often.

  • Thanks, I learned some stuff here today, I really appreciate that! I am alway looking for way to improve and good places to research ideas. I am sure I will be back.

  • Hi Jeff
    Yet another wonderful post
    Out of this 4 two I am using.
    BufferApp is an excellent tool too!
    Thanks for telling more about these tools.
    I will terry it the other two too!
    May you have a great weekend