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4 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing for Less than $1 Per Day

4 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing for Less than One Dollar Per Day

Have you been frustrated with your social media interaction recently? Even if you’ve had the cleverest posts, you can’t seem to generate the social chatter that you deserve.

You are discouraged due to the fact that your Facebook posts are getting buried within the newsfeed. Your Tweets aren’t getting the coveted RT. Your YouTube videos, which you’ve spent a lot of time creating, are getting very little views.

Don’t fret; You’ll be able to accomplish this for less than a $1 per day!

Paying for attention

EdgeRank is an algorithm developed by Facebook to govern what is displayed on the News feed. Your brand will ultimately be judged by your ability to engage your content. Unless you’ve already obtained a huge social following (which typically requires a budget) you will need to get your content in front of the screens of your target audience once again.

It is time to start setting aside a small budget to garner more social engagement. Luckily, if you follow the four tips and tactics below, you’ll be able to achieve great social interaction for just $0.99 per day! You’ll be kicking yourself for not investing 99 pennies per day earlier in your campaign.

So here are 4 ways to boost your social media marketing.

#1. Boost your Facebook posts

Adding just $1.00 in promotion to all of your Facebook posts will drastically increase your interaction. You’ll start to notice a major spike in communication when you boost your post for a small budget. Below, you’ll see a business that has over 52,000 Facebook fans. A simple $20.00 boost resulted in 178 people either liking, commenting or sharing their post. This is well above the typical amount of interaction that they receive.

4 Ways to Boost your Social media Marketing for Less than a $1 Per Day

Keep in mind, the more compelling the post that you’ll be boosting, the more engagement it will receive. A simple $1.00 post for a company Facebook page with fewer than 10,000 “Likes” will work wonders.

Invest $2.00 per week on your two most captivating Facebook posts. This will cost you $8.00 for the month and you will see a nice boost in your Facebook interaction for the month.

#2. Advertise YouTube videos

One of the easiest (and most affordable) ways to receive exposure on social media is to create a YouTube video. If you advertise your video for just $1.00 per day for a two-week time span, you’ll be able to obtain close to 1,000 views (especially if you optimize the video properly and the content is captivating!) Did all of the views come from the advertisement? No. The truth is though that giving the video that initial “push” helped the video gain organic traction in addition to the advertisement views.

4 Ways to Boost your Social media Marketing for Less than a $1 Per Day

With a  $12.00 YouTube budget (which you can easily set-up within Google Adwords) I was able to generate 4,281 views for a video about running a social media contest. Did all of the views come from the advertisement? No. The truth is though that giving the video that initial “push” helped the video gain organic traction in addition to the advertisement views.

#3. Promoted tweets

We’ve all seen the promoted tweets in our stream. In 2014, it is finally easy for all Twitter users to start reaping the benefits of their advertising platform. Since Twitter became a publicly traded company, the micro blogging website is clearly trying to generate more profit for their bottom line.

If you are running a Twitter account for a client, pick a compelling tweet where you are asking a question that requires a response (or even requests a RT). You’ll want to set-up a sponsored Tweet that targets your core demographic and advertise this tweet for $4. I’m not guaranteeing that the tweet will go viral, but it will be one of your top performing tweets for the month. And it will only cost you $4.00 to run!

4 Ways to Boost your Social media Marketing for Less than a $1 Per Day

After you seen the results with putting some money behind tweets, it will open your mind to additional opportunities for generating great interaction on Twitter.

#4. Find an influential Instagram follower

Find a powerful user on Instagram in a related field that generates a lot of interaction. Reach out to this person and offer them a $5 Starbucks gift card. All they will need to do for you is take a picture that relates to your brand. Make sure they mention you in three separate posts per month. You’d be surprised how approachable some of the top-notch Instagram users will be. Not to mention, people love their coffee!

4 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing for Less than a $1 Per Day!

The result? Users will find your Instagram account trendy and you will start to pick up more followers while also reaching out to a new audience (followers of the influential user).

There you have it. Follow the formula above and you will receive great social interaction for just $0.99 per day ($29.70 for the month to be exact). The trend of social media is that if you don’t shell out some cash, your content is going to get buried. If you are creative with your social media posts and allocate just $0.99 per day to your campaigns, your content will catapult past the competition.

Guest author: Jason Parks is the Owner of The Media Captain, a Columbus SEO Company and Web  Agency.


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  • Great tips Jason. I’ve seen great success with spending a couple of bucks on Facebook, they have great targeting.

    • Jason Parks

      I’m glad you like the article! Yes, Facebook has outstanding targeting. If you aren’t spending some money on Facebook nowadays, you’ll get buried!

  • Alan

    Tried to promote Facebook post but smallest increment was $5.00. Added a twitter campaign for $5. to @collegevisittips. Thanks for the great info.

  • This is one of the better posts I have read in a while Jeff! The old saying “You gotta spend money to make money” still applies… and the thing a lot of small businesses don’t realize is that social media doesn’t take hundreds of dollars to really get your brand name out there. For some of my clients with dedicated FB funds, they get one sponsored post per week… and it works wonder.

    • Ishita Ganguly

      Yes, I cold not agree more! “You gotta spend money to make money”

    • Jason Parks

      I’m glad you liked the article Brian! Follow me on Twitter @TheMediaCaptain – I’m posting digital marketing content constantly 🙂

      • Done 🙂 Looks like you have a great little company!

  • Susan Lawrenz

    What a great article! It’s ironic that earlier today I decided to test advertising on fb. I wish I had seen this article first. But I know exactly how to tweak now for better results. And You Tube advertising? Brilliant!!
    Thank you!

    • Jason Parks

      I’m glad you liked the article Susan! Let me know the results of your Facebook advertising campaign turn out for you 🙂

  • Wow interesting, didn’t know about how useful YouTube ads can be.


    • Jason Parks

      I was pretty surprised myself when I first started to dabble into YouTube advertising several years ago. Have you ever tried a video re-marketing campaign? Those work really, really well.

  • Chelsea Hanson

    I had tried the $1 boost on Facebook, and it only allows me to enter $5. Even when I did the choose your own option and entered $1, the $5 default automatically came back. Any thoughts? Thank you!

    • D Scott Walker

      Same experience here Chelsea! Jason – What’s the secret to the $1 boost? Great article! Thanks.

      • Hey, to set any budget that you’d like, you have to use Facebook’s power editor. Here’s the direct link to it: http://facebook.com/ads/manage/powereditor

        I might not check back often so do reach out to me at admin@jasonhjh.com if you need help!

        • Beantown Review

          I recently ran across a series of posts, 9 to be specific, where Jon Loomer covers the power editor topic.

    • Tanya Troska

      The $1 per day does work on a Boosted Post without using the power editor, but check your settings. The boosted post defaults typically to 7-days, so at $1/day, your minimum bid would be $7. When Jason wrote the article $1/day… he was just breaking down the cost for you, but I can almost guarantee he wasn’t recommending just boosting 1 post for $1 dollar for just 1 day – the return on that investment is too small and not really worth it. Maybe try 1 day for $5 or 5-days for $5. The more you spend the bigger your potential reach. Hope that helps.

  • Jon Wanderaas

    Great post. When trying to build authority in the search engines I have used Fiverr to drive traffic to my social media platforms. This was great to initially receive facebook fans, retweets, and you tube views. Now that I am over that hump I am working on getting natural traffic to my social media platforms and that is where this stuff will come in. Here is a blog post of mine on ways to increase engagement with facebook. http://www.infobarrelwritingstrategies.com/increasing-facebook-engagement/#more-211

  • Great post, I like the idea of promoting videos. However, when it comes to Twitter…just $4 to promote a Tweet? Looks a bit low to me…

  • I have boosted posts on Facebook with overall good results. I have resisted doing it often, but the truth is if you are a marketer you will need to boost and promote to be seen. I use a small $5.00 budget to boost my page. This post is a push in the right direction I think. We can no longer rely just on organic to be found.

  • Frank

    I like that this wasn’t 9 pages or a slide show. Got right to the point. Thanks.

  • Nick Haase

    SMB are often squeezed out of the big ad spenders across all mediums. My platform, DailyHundred.com, allows businesses of all sizes to reward customers for talking about them across their social networks. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, you don’t pay unless you get results. Win-win

  • Just chose the “Chose your Own” budget option and enter the amount you want to spend. I do $1 boosts and ads all the time and get great results. Also need to pay attention to your target audience and set the criteria that best fits your intended customers, clients or fan base. If what ever you do is available world-wide, then make sure to include other countries besides the US or your own. Need help, PM me on Facebook, always happy to help!

  • Beantown Review

    I’ve been compiling many of the Twitter and Facebook ad posts that have been running over the past week or so into one file. Of course, this piece above made the cut. I didn’t know about the Instagram one, so it’s timely. Thanks.
    I’m seeing organic growth on FB dead or close to it for many blogs and small businesses. There’s no choice but to promote your page or post with ad $.