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46 Amazing Social Media Facts in 2013

46 Amazing Social Media Facts in 2013

Social media in the  beginning was viewed as something teenagers did. After school they rushed to their rooms started up the computer and logged into Myspace. Remember that social network?

Facebook changed the game and the college students became the social media demographic sweet spot. Twitter then showed up and most people didn’t know what to do with it.

Questions bubbled up in many minds.

What do I do with 140 characters? Do I tell people what I am doing and where I am going? What is this bit.ly URL link shortening thing? Do I follow everyone back? What is this hashtag doing on my screen?

The list goes on.

Social media is a work in progress

We were all trying to work out the social media rules of engagement, the etiquette and the manners. That is still a work in progress.

Some marketers, bloggers  and business dived in early while others dipped their toes at the edges. Everyone knew something was happening but weren’t quite sure if it was a passing fad or a generation changing trend.

That was 2008. It seems a social media lifetime ago.

In  2013 Facebook connects 1 in 2 people on the social web, has paid $1 billion for Instagram and become a public company. Twitter is going public and Pinterest has moved the pinboard from the kitchen wall to the web.

Social media marketing is moving from a free and wild west frontier to a “pay to play” model if you want to reach your audience in significant numbers. Facebook pushes us to pay to promote to obtain any meaningful attention and Twitter evolves it’s self service advertising interface and features.

We sort of knew that the freebies would start to end.

Quick glance social media facts

Here is a top 10 snack size bite of some social media facts and statistics if you haven’t the time for consuming the full infographic below.

  1. There are over 10 million Facebook “apps”
  2. Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55-64 year olds
  3. 60% of Twitter users access it from their mobile
  4. There are over 343 million active users on Google+
  5. The +1 button is served 5 billion times per day
  6. 67% of Google+ users are male
  7. There are over 3 million Linkedin company pages
  8. More than 16 billion photos have been uploaded to Instagram
  9. Food is the top category discussed on Pinterest at 57%
  10. There are over 1 billion unique monthly visitors on YouTube

For more social media facts view the infographic below.

Social Media Facts 2013

 Infographic source: Visually

What surprises you?

What numbers were eye opening for you? Is it the numbers on Google+ or is it Instagram?

Look forward to your questions, feedback and insights in the comments below.



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  • Nice post Jeff. I find it interesting that Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55-64 year olds since teens are now favoring Twitter over Facebook as teens claim that Twitter is more “hip” than Facebook which is being overrun with parents and grand parents. Don’t let the teens know about the old fogies with their stogies taking over Twitter 😉

    • Rick, I was thinking the same thing. Why 55-64 year olds? What do they like about Twitter over the other SM platforms? I am perplexed.

    • Matt Jenkins

      Rick – as a parent of HS teens – Instagram is where it’s at for that crowd…if you have not heard of Snapchat you better check that one out too…who has time to type status updates when you can post a pic and add a couple #hashtags

  • Hi Jeff,
    We love the infographic and learned a few things!
    We plus +1 this post so change it to 5 billion and plus one.
    Have a great day by design!

  • Grant

    I think there is still a hole in the market – where businesses and consumers interact…a lot.

    Facebook is not for business. It’s social. People to People. Twitter is more news, sharing articles and pics, and celebrity updates. Linked’in is a business platform, but mainly for professionals seeking jobs with companies. Yelp, does connect consumers with local businesses, and they’re big, but I wouldn’t say they get consumers talking to businesses to the level it should be. Just calculate the average number of reviews compared to the average number of customers businesses have.

  • Great article! Easy to understand and you provided wonderful resources!

  • JamJar

    trying to pass off ‘250 billion photos uploaded every day’ as a fact is embarrassing.

  • One surprising stat was “Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is 55-64 year olds”. I wonder if the majority have discovered it as a tool for marketing or if it is more for personal communication.

  • Hi Jeff..how are you my friend..? it’s the best of article and I like it god bless for you and family thank you very much from INDONESIA.

  • Franchise Marketing Group

    Its still shocking to think that so much as happened in such a little amount of time. Keeping up with the trends and whats new is as important than ever. Im interested in seeing what will happen over the next year. These are interessting stats to look at.

  • Love seeing the stats on social channels. It definitely reinforces faith in my career path!

    One thing I’m curious about regarding the Google+ numbers, I’ve heard that those are the stats for Gmail users who have a G+ account, i.e. they login to Gmail and it counts for G+ too, though they might not actually get on the site at all.

    Have you heard anything like that, Jeff?

  • treb072410

    Another great post Jeff.. Thanks for sharing!

  • Caroline Mitchell

    Thanks and I would like to know re the Goolge+ stat, how many of them fall within the US and how many dormant accounts there are

    • Leslie Coty

      I’m curious about the dormant accounts on G+ too. Many people opened an account and then abandoned it.

  • Great Post Jeff, This infographic is simply awesome. I had no idea about all those stats!

  • Dt Bell

    What opened my eyes was that the bottom of the Visually page is much longer than my patience, it keeps loading..and loading..Where do they get their facts from? It could easily be a `fene freak jabbering gibberish.

  • Mammoth progress, social media reigning everywhere even in Recruitment’s.

  • Hazel May Fiel

    Very informative indeed.This shows that we really are all connected, updated and very active as well in social media. Also, it is really great that not only the young ones populate the netizens but even so the older ones. Their voices should be heard too. Way to go!