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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

Google+ maybe a newer social network, but it’s a powerful one.5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

In fact it is now the second largest social media network behind Facebook after only launching just over two years ago.

So why are so many Google+ users confused about how to use it? The fact is, if you’re like most people on Google+, you’re still a little confused about the site.

So what should you do?

To answer that question, here’s a list of some of the most common mistakes users make on the network. Examine these errors and avoid them, and you set yourself up to be ahead of the pack.

1. Not Optimizing Your Profile

Completing your profile is Google+ 101.

When you add your name, bio, photo and other information, you let other users know who you are and how to identify you. This not only encourages connection, but it also reinforces your brand. To make the most of your profile, optimize it with keywords relevant to your industry. Likewise, include relevant links throughout your About page, from the “introduction” to the “website” section.

Look at my profile as an example:

  • Completed tagline
  • Keyword-rich introduction
  • Contact information
  • Photo

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

 Also optimize your profile by listing all the of the sites where your writing or content appears.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

2. Never Posting

You gain the most exposure on Google+ when you post regularly.

Fresh content keeps you current in the feeds of contacts and makes you seem relevant, as is shown in the feed below. Likewise, regular posting benefits search engine optimization, improving your results when users search for content related to what you share.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

3. Sharing Links Without Commentary

Dumping links does nothing for you or your followers. In fact, it makes you look like a blowhard and, therefore, someone not worth following. Of course you want to share links to your latest blog posts or news updates — just be certain to do so with meaningful commentary. This encourages interaction and draws more attention to your links.

Make your readers want to click through, as Social Media Today does in this example:

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

4. Not Acknowledging Other Users’ Mentions

Google+ is a social network—so when you ignore other users and focus only on your own work, you miss the point. What’s more, when other users see that you’re interested only in promoting your own content, they lose interest. For this reason, posting links with commentary and responding to what others share are best.

When someone links to you or mentions you in a post, like it or comment.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

Also when you want to tag someone else’s content, tag him or her in the post, the way Straight North does below.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

5. Neglecting to Add Google+ Badges to Website

What you post on Google+ is only half the equation—You also need to post Google+ to your website.

Add the badge to your profile, either in a button or through plugins like Easy Google+ Widget and The Google+ Plugin that make it easy for users to share your content on the network.

This way, your audience easily finds you on Google+, joins your circles, and increases your influence.

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on Google+

What about you?

Looking at the mistakes outlined above, does anything sound familiar? Are you making any of these common errors?

Look forward to hearing your stories and experiences with Google+.

Guest author: Shanna Mallon is a writer for Straight North, a Chicago Web design. You can follow Straight North on Twitter and Facebook



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  • #4 is a good one. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh wow… no matter how much you think you know there’s always room for improvement! Thank You, Jeff! Forgot a couple of these!

    • Yes, there is always room for more learning. 🙂

  • Cdiazreixa

    Thank you!! It’s true… Google+ has it’s own rules, and it’s hard to deal with them. Great post!

  • Lala Knowswine

    I am new to the blogging world and these are great tips to help me succeed! Thank you +Jeff Bullas

  • Kate Edgar

    Shanna, great tips and reminders to heed. It’s true that G+ is still a mystery to many, so your article is timely and helpful. Thanks!

  • G+ has proven itself as a good social site. It is different but its purpose is the same: to connect people. For the past 2 years I have seen the changes and so far I am liking it more and more.

  • costa

    Hi Jeff, I’d like to know what plugin do you use (your left side share plug)? Is addthis or other?

  • Nice post, Shanna. Google+ is still very new, and it really helps to have a post that explains how to get started in plain English. G+ Communities are worth checking out. People are very eager to share, and many communities are cropping up dedicated to all sorts of business interests.

  • Varcity

    I guess I need to start putting an introduction to my bio. What I love reading blogs like this is that we know that we are able to get learning’s from other bloggers. Thanks for sharing this, surely this will help me with my Google+ account.

  • I’m doing most of these, but I do need to use more keywords and put the badge on my website. Thanks for the tips!

  • So is google+ considered a ‘must have’ these days?

    • Zack

      Only by people using it.

  • Really good tips for Google+. The simple stuff adds up and you can dramatically increase the results that you get from G+.
    One question the function where you can share your status update via email. Is it share with people who circled you or even with people that you put in your circles?

  • J.S. Gray

    I’m amazed at how under-utilized G+ is when I see so many top rankings with G+ on the first couple spots on page one.

    Its amazing…

    I personally get a lot of great momentum from G+ and getting people to engage and respond is really easy. It seems people want to bring their A game as opposed to faceB where people just exist…

    J.S. Gray
    Internet Markting Strategist.

  • brunofridl

    Hi Jeff

    Interesting post.

    Don’t you think we can say ” 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid on” every social network ?

    All your 5 are true for every social plateforms I think.

  • pio dal cin

    interesting post. May I suggest you add another important feature? Sharing other people posts is very important. I have s page on G+ called Sharing is Caring on G+. I believe that the sharing of other people’s content is very important. (and don’t forget to mention who you share from with a hat tip h/t. linking to the original for comments)

  • Ya,totally Agree

  • I definitely enjoying every little bit of it I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post nice post.

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