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5 Key Changes to the New Facebook Page Marketers Need to Know

Last year Facebook changed the design and user interface for the Facebook personal profiles.  They introduced key features such as the new timeline and a large area at the top for a photo or image in a banner format.5 Key Changes to the New Facebook Page Marketers Need to Know

These changes were an indication of what was to come for the Facebook brand and business “Pages”.

Last week Facebook announced that the new design for “pages”was indeed a reality and all businesses will need to adapt their Facebook “Page” to  the new design and functionality by March 31.

If you want to change it before that time then you can, but remember in less than 30 days all Facebook “pages” will be moved over to the “New” design.

So what are the key changes and what are some of the implications for marketers?

1. New Design

The new design and user interface provides a much bigger area for displaying a compelling image that can highlight the business brand. The format will now be two columns that will reflect the evolving story of the brand over time.

This image area now measures 850 by 315, so you will need to create images that work with that space.

Their terms of use for these images do not permit you to include prices or promotional information, contact info, calls to action or references to any Facebook features such as “Like’ or “Share”

Coca Colas Facebook Page Cover Image

2. Private Messaging

Businesses will now be able to communicate with private messages with their fans and users. What this means that previously public conversations with users can now be done in private if required.

This will allow a more intimate engagement with customers and prospects. This feature can be turned off if required.

Private messaging now on Facebook pages

3. No Default Landing Page

In the current design which will be superseded at the end of the month you were able to set a default landing page. This allowed the administrator of the page to control what page appeared as your default Facebook landing page. This means that practice of “Fan gating” pages to garner more organic “likes”  will not be able to be done any more by driving people to that custom tab.

4. Only 4 Tabs are Visible

All tabs were visible with the old design on the left hand side of the Facebook page previously you were able to put your custom tabs. The implications of this is that  you will need to choose wisely which tabs you want to place here.

The photos tab is not able to be moved or changed but you can control which of the other 3 tabs you want to feature including icon images.

4 Facebook Tabs are now visible

5. Featuring Content

You can now “pin” content that you want to appear at the top of the “Timeline”. This will allow you to feature content such as blog posts, images or calls to action in this prominent position.

This is indicated by the the yellow “marker at the top right.

Featuring content and pinning it on Facebook

So what do you think about the new changes?

How will you adapt your Facebook page to the new design and functions?

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  • There is a workaround for the landing page.. hope this helps someone 

  • There is a workaround for the landing page apps hope this helps someone 

  • Lee H

    I’ve been all over the admin page and fan page and cannot figure out exactly HOW to control which tabs to show, and your discussion about it in the article does not explain now to either.

  • I have noticed since this change we don’t have people commenting on our page like we used to.  We used to post a picture or a story and people would comment, it was like a clock as soon as the new look appeared, comments came to a screeeeeeeeeching halt.

    • Thanks for the comment Chrissy. That is an interesting observation. I wonder what other people’s experience is?

    • Lisa Mack

      I have told my clients to wait for the consumer ground swell!

  • Thanks for a great overview, Jeff. Comprehensive and objective. I’ve seen way to many, “I hate the new layout” posts lately. 🙂

    • Thanks Rachel for your comment. It was intended as a quick visual overview to provide some perspective. I will be taking a closer look at the other changes over the next few months as people start using the new user interface and features.
      It will be interesting to see what the long term implications of these changes will be 🙂

  • Petergriffinonline

    What happens to the recommendations I have been gathering for my client?

    • I’d like to know where all the recommendations go as well. Anyone know?

  • You can also ‘highlight’ an update so it spreads across right across the timeline by hovering the mouse over the top right of a post and clicking highlight. Makes it very (very) visible.  

  •  This actually looks like a much more functional format than the old business page design. I especially like the design opportunities the timeline layout allows for.  The hard part of online pull marketing is always, you know, the pulling part. I think these sorts of designs are far more likely to grab customer attention.

  • Lisa Mack


    Do you really think the average FB consumer is going to stand for having these changes made?  When I think of people like family and friends that are not in our industry, they are going to freak out because they won’t know what to do. Brands are buying into FB’s audience. I think they will lose a significant amount of people with he timeline.  Your thoughts?

    • Some people are saying that it seems to be reducing engagement,… but it is early days.

  • I found the size for the cover image, if that helps…

    Cover images must be at least 399 pixels wide and may not contain:Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s About sectionReferences to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site featuresCalls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”

  • Thanks for the comment. It seems that Facebook wants people to keep people engaging by landing on your timeline! Let us see the buzz that happens online when more business pages realize!

  • Allensphillips

    It doesn’t appear that initiating a comment on another page is possible anymore either.

  • Allensphillips

    It doesn’t appear that initiating a comment on another page is possible anymore either.

  • Our comments have gone way down and everyone is complaining how they can’t find where to engage on FB.  We are working on building our Google Plus because it is tied more to search and since this is killing engagement anyways we may as well develop Google Plus which is cleaner and easier to read.  I think FB did this to push brands to buying ads.

  • Videos updates should be used as featured, looks much better 🙂