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5 Key Steps To Mastering The Social Media Marketing Landscape

I had the pleasure of  being accomodated at 5 star hotel the other day and when I went down to breakfast I was confronted by an array of  food selections that an ancient Roman Emperor would have been impressed with. 5 Key Steps To Mastering The Social Media Marketing Landscape

The luxury of  choices that confronted  me was overwhelming and selecting what to eat almost becomes an exercise in filtering the noise and array of stimuli of  sight and smell  that stood spread before me.

Do I eat something that is a change from my normal  day to day diet or should I be courageous and select something I would not normally have at home? Should it be really healthy, slightly healthy or or just plain decadent. Will it be a hot or a cold meal. Should I get a custom made meal by ordering at the counter like a young couple next to me were ordering, or should I just take something on display.

So much choice and not enough time or appetite to try everything.

Social Media Marketing has the presented the marketer with so many choices in the last few years.

  • What platforms should I be using  to promote my blog or company?
  • How many channels will I select to achieve my goals?
  • Should I stick with what I know or what should I push the boundaries and test something new?
  • What channels should I use to to communicate to my target markets?
  • What are the messages I should send out?
  • What listening tools should I use?
  • What apps should I use to increase my effeciency?
  • What analytics tools are the best for our situation?

So where do you start?

First:  Define your audience – get very clear on who you are communicating to (eg  Is it Gen Y, Gen X or Baby Boomers?)

Second: Set the goals ( they don’t necessarily need to be all financial in nature) – Leads, brand awareness , quality of leads, increase in dollar value of the sale  and number of sales

Third: Develop your social media marketing strategy

Fourth: Then the tactical level of  selecting the different social media platforms that are appropriate for your audience .. where do they hang out? Facebook, YouTube or other channels? You then can calculate what resources you need such as financial, tools and people.

Fifth: Optimize and Integrate Your Social Media Channels such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter  and LinkedIn as well as Optimizing your website and blog for search and don’t forget the PR.

So how do “You” cope with all those choices?

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  • love the 5 steps, it’s nice to see it broken down. it would be great to see some suggested responses to the set of questions preceding the 5 steps, even if they were somewhat generic. great work once again!

  • So what did you eat?

  • I think there is everywhere social media marketing and people use it maximum for marketing and business.I like your five steps to mastering the social media marketing landscape.This is very valuable information for all marketers.

  • Thanks for these clear steps. We sort of just jumped into social media last year, but I think its time we started taking the right steps and integrating it into the rest of our marketing efforts. I’m still struggling with how to use social media for B2B. Any suggestions?? I’m open to any ideas

  • A good point, well made. Thanks for your post. This post of mine may be useful too: Social Media Tips: Why I Should Twitter when my clients don’t.

  • christoph w

    Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV is golden example of how to use social media platforms to build brand equity (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Vaynerchuk). I recommend to anyone interested in social ecosystem platform(s) to check out some of his work on youtube, notably: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhqZ0RU95d4

    G’s a bit nutty but in full in total control of his content.

    – crush it

  • Solid advice, Jay. I just completed a social media strategy plan for a non-profit arts organization and followed those same steps. I believe that I developed a plan that will work for them, and perhaps even be fun to use. One important lesson I’ve learned is there is no “one size fits all” social media strategy. Social media usage has to be customized for the organization–and for the folks within that organization who will be responsible for maintaining it.

  • rapid entry

    Check, done all that, well going to, I have a list somewhere

  • Simple and easy to follow. Great posting. Bookmarking this one for sure.


  • How much you can achieve in a day depends on how many hours you are free online – it is better to master one strategy than hop all over the place. Begin tweeting and link to a daily blog post you write. When you have further time join stumbleupon and then create a facebook group. Link each activity with the others – ask your twitter followers to join your facebook group. You must allow time to get recognised in your market place. Social Media is vital but don’t neglect forum marketing and good old SEO! Just ten minutes daily spent on any one platform and you’ll manage 6 in an hour. Little and often is the key to increase awareness of your brand and offers.

  • Mapping the planning process is so important. I think often marketers forget that social media marketing is… marketing. We don’t have to throw out what worked for our “other” marketing, such as the planning process.

    I presented at SES how to plan social media marketing with examples. You can see the steps and examples in this presentation here:

  • Stephen

    Great post. Just recently started my own blog: blog.creatrixdigital.com and the idea is to blog about Social Media but in Ghana so we have posts like ‘5 brands in Ghana rocking social media’ and things like that. And I’ve had a lot of questions about our target audience because social media is still very much in its infancy in these parts so rather than writing for digital marketers and social media experts, we have to keep remind ourselves that, that kind of audience is still very small but consumers abound so we have to gear our content such that it appeals to them. Thanks. You’ve really given me a guide we can use.

  • One of the biggest obstacles to setting up a great business marketing plan for social media is that it is – SOCIAL. There’s a certain way to approach it, and blundering about in the old ways just won’t work. It’s a delicate dance of sell, socialize, sell, socialize….We all need to learn the new dance, and these are great tips for starting!

  • Social media nowadays is a very helpful tool in marketing. This is why, we to know and master everything about it. You just made the right blog for everyone. You are right that the first thing to do here is to define your audience in order for you to know if what techniques or styles in marketing should you use.