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5 Fabulous Facebook Marketing Infographics

It is projected that Facebook will have one billion users by 2013. The world has just over two billion internet users globally which means that nearly one in two people on the web is a Facebook user.5 Killer Facebook Marketing Infographics

Facebook as a marketing medium cannot be ignored despite the misgivings of senior management (who grew up in the analog world of Print, TV and Radio) to commit marketing dollars to something their daughter uses to post Saturday night party photos on!

Many CEO’s do not know the difference between a “Brand” Facebook “page” and a personal Facebook profile!

The penetration of the digital social web world into our lives is not a fad that is going away, it is here and it must be embraced.

Bricks and mortar retailers are bringing down the shutters while online shops are feasting on their carcasses and going global with the viral marketing power of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Some Revelations

  • 93% of Facebook users share shopping suggestions
  • Brands are only responding to 50%  of brand page posts
  • 80% of users who received a response to their post made a purchase as a result of the interaction
  • 47% of companies have generated leads from Facebook
  • 41% of companies have closed deals from Facebook
  • Average cost of  obtaining a fan is $1.07
  • Almost two-thirds of businesses surveyed use Facebook as their main marketing tool
  • 87% of Facebook fans said they are satisfied with a particular brand. Only 49% of non-fans said they did
  • The cost per click using Facebook advertising for e-commerce is 31 cents

1. Anatomy of a Killer Facebook Ad Campaign

Killer Facebook Marketing Ad campaigns

Source: AES Connect

2. Social Media Makes the Sale

Social Media makes the sale

Source: AllFacebook

3. Digital Marketing Report

Digital Marketing Report

Source: Webmarketing 123

4. The Cost of Marketing on Facebook

Find your Fans the Cost of Marketing on Facebook

Source: Flowtown

5. The Importance of a Fan Base

The importance of a Fan Base

Source: KISSmetrics

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  • Paul M

    Jeff, you have a math typo.  With 1 billion Facebook users, you said one in two people on the planet (50%) use Facebook when you meant to say one in two internet users (2 billion) on the planet.  On a planetary scale, there are 6.8 billion people on earth, so 1 billion Facebook users is actually 1 in 7 on the planet.

    • Thanks Paul for pointing that out and it has been corrected

  • Thanks Jeff for the wonderful post.
    Very insightful.

  • Actually, there are now 7 billion people on our planet now according to the UN

  • I cringe just a little bit every time I see the 750M or 1B Facebook users mentioned. Even if just half that many –individual– humans have a Facebook account it is still unbelievably impressive. But the fact is, in spite of Facebook policy, many people have 2 or more Facebook profiles. Lots of folks maintain both a page AND a profile for business in addition to a personal profile. I know people who have 3, 4, or even more accounts. When you consider developers, it only makes sense to have multiple accounts to test pages and apps with. Marketers will often have multiple accounts to seed interactions on their pages and apps. I have no clue as to how one would measure real individual humans unless we move to retina scan logins. I suppose I should not say that too loudly.

  • Looks like all one stop for info on social media ! good read !

  • I have been doing some facebook marketing lately, so good to see some graphics on ROI and how to position ads.

  • USA-focused?

  • This is brilliant. Captures the stats that one looks for in social media marketing. Highly recommend this to all brand consultants.

  • The stat that you shared towards the beginning, “80% of users who received a response to their post made a purchase as a result of the interaction” is just staggering!  Businesses need to respond and really be interactive with their followers and fans.  It’s just not enough anymore to set up the social media accounts and throw something out there every once in awhile, you really have to be committed to it and you can see some great results!

  • Many CEO’s do not know the change between a “Brand” Facebook or myspace “page” and a individual Facebook or myspace profile!

  • It is preferable to put up a simple blog on its own doain with wordpress that is self hosted first as that adds credibility, control and content.
    If you want to save money then you could just use Facebook or Tumblr as the portal

  • Dheeraj Rajpal

    All these facebook infographics are looking great.they are conveying so much without content that i love to share them with my all social media friends. SMO Services

  • Another brilliant Infographic, I particularly like the Facebook ads part. I’ve never actually posted an ad on FB, but I need to advise my clients on this issue. So thanks for the guidance. What software do you use to put your infographics together?