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5 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Success

We are surrounded by tools to measure almost everything we do in life. We have clocks to measure time,  thermometers to record temperature  and odometers to see how far we have traveled.5 Tools to Measure Your Social Media Success

As humans we are obsessed with measurement. The Olympics are the pinnacle of measurement and we even measure runners and swimmers times down to 1,000th of a second!

The police even have someting called a speed gun to measure how fast you are traveling and if you are unlucky you win a prize called a speeding ticket!

We have never lived in such an age as now where almost everything can be measured by computers on autopilot.

We measure so many facts and figures that we are as confused as a dog between four trees.

Why Bench Marking is Important

I remember when I started competitive running in my teens the running coach would initially record everyone’s times over 50 meters, 100 meters and beyond at the start of the year and would refer to them later to see if there was any improvement. In the world of statistics and measurement this is called “benchmarking”

Bench marking provides a baseline measurement to refer to  the progress of the different variables over time to see if there is any improvement and is essential for tracking success. If you provide social media consulting recording social media bench marking measurements before implementing the social media marketing tactics is vital in measuring whether progress is being made.

Measuring Your Social Media Success

There are a whole range of tools from free to paid to measure most elements of your blog, Twitter and Facebook traffic and statistics

Blog Measurement

The key element that everyone should be measuring is traffic to your website but along with this core statistic there are a range of other important numbers to keep your eye on.

  • Top posts
  • Top referrers
  • What are your visitors ‘clicking on”
  • What are your top search engine terms that bring people from

Tool One: WordPress Statistics

This is available as a simple free plugin that is available to users to measure and compare your topline statistics  that provides a reference to ensure that you are improving and making progress. If I take July 2010 as my benchmark then it is obvious that in July 2011 some progress has been made with a few more days to go.

Jeffbullas.com wordpress stats

Tool Two: Google Analytics

This is another free tool that provides a vast array of statistics. Now you will need to get the code from Google (just Google “Google Analytics” and apply) and once you have been provided the code, embed it in your blog. Now it is generally only available to self hosted  blogs (not if your blog is hosted by WordPress.com).

If you don’t feel comfortable putting this piece of code into your blog, ask your developer or a more technical savvy friend to do this for you.

You can measure elements such as

  • Visits by country
  • Bounce rate (how many people come to read one blog post (page) and then leave)
  • Visits from mobiles
  • Even what browsers are being used to view your blog

JeffBullas.com Google Analytics July 27 2011


Now the two tools I have mentioned above can measure traffic sources such as Twitter but there are a couple of other simple tools that are a bit of fun and useful.

Tool 3:  Bit.ly

This tools measures statistics for your Twitter bit.ly shortened links and displays elements such as

  • Which countries are clicking on your shortened links on Twitter and the percentage
  • Which links on Twitter are getting the most clicks

Jeffbullas Twitter Bit.ly clicks

Tool 4: TwitterCounter.com

This is a simple tool that can provide basic statistics on your twitter follower growth and even more statistics to view and chew up your time if you want to buy the paid version.

Jeffbullas Twittercounter.com


Facebook and Google don’t get along (Google+ isn’t helping either) so if you want the best statistics from Facebook and keep track of all your Facebook figures then you will need to use the Facebook “Insights” tool. This is only available to people or brands that have set up a Facebook “page” not a personal profile on Facebook .

Tool 5: Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides Facebook page owners and Facebook platform developers with metrics around their content by understanding and analyzing trends within

  • User growth
  • User demographics
  • Consumption of content
  • Creation of content

Page owners and platform developers are better equipped to improve their business with Facebook.

Jeffbullas.com Facebook Insights

There are many tools to measure your success on-line with your blog and social media channels and this just touched on a few and the basics. The Google Analytics tool is one of the most comprehensive tools available and it is free and as a blogger or website owner it should be a mandatory inclusion.

What tools do you use to measure your social media success?

Image by Leo Reynolds

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  • Thanks for sharing all the necessary tools needed to keep track of the followers so you can farther your online presence Jeff!

  • Thanks Jeff for sharing.  This is helpful for businesses to measure but a lot to manage without a social partner.  Great stuff!

  • I recomend http://www.campalyst.com/

  • Nice set of tools covering all three most populas social media: Facebook, twitter and blogs. Good enough for basic and advanced users, although an expert would have knowledge and time to make the most of it. Thank you, Jeff.

  • Steve | ROI detector

    You’re right about the importance of measurement…anything that can be measured can be improved. You mentioned Google Analytics for web stats, have you tried “Clicky” or any other 3rd party tool?

  • Hi Jeff, what is that stats plugin for WordPress that you are using?

    • The Stats plugin I use is called “WordPress.com Stats”

      • Thank you Jeff – found it and here is the link http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/stats/

  • The “tool” that summarize all of your social impact and give you the ability to get in touch with great peoples for your work or else, increase the visitors to your website and may help ypu to better understand the stock market is http://www.empireavenue.com.

  • Danielle Latta



    While I think this post is a great place for new
    businesses or those just starting out in social media, none of these solutions
    will not provide the breadth and depth of data that can be collected using a
    social media monitoring software solution. These measurement tools also lack a
    way to combine the quantitative and qualitative data into an applicable format.

    While it’s true that there is not a
    “one-size-fits-all” formula for measuring ROI in Social Media, there
    are a few key rules of thumb that can be applied to nearly any industry. Here
    is a white paper which takes a comprehensive look at the challenges involved in
    measuring ROI of social media, reviews the thought leadership on the topic and
    provides practical recommendations on how to achieve stronger ROI from your
    social initiatives: http://bit.ly/mmproi

    Socially charmed,

    Danielle Latta,

    Brand Evangelist @MutualMind:disqus 

    • Thanks for the comment Danielle. Yes it was written for Newbies the Enterprise class social media monitoring is a whole new ball game that is still evolving. That needs a post in its own right and it also has a much smaller audience…Brand agencies, major brands and their stakeholders.

  • Jeff, can you provide me with a link to the WordPress Statistics pluggin you reference?  When I look for it, there are several, and the one I chose was not the correct one.  Many thanks!

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  • Nexus54


  • You really motivate me Jeff. I wan’t to achieve that follower in my Twitter and Facebook. but how?

  • Thanks for this, I never realised Bit.ly had statistics you could measure! 🙂

    • Just to let you know, you can also load a bit.ly link and just add a + on the end before load, to go directly to the stats. So… bit.ly/example+ 🙂

    • Just to let you know, you can also load a bit.ly link and just add a + on the end before load, to go directly to the stats. So… bit.ly/example+ 🙂

  • I didn’t know about Bit.ly and
    TwitterCounter.com. Thanks Jeff!

  • Traffic Motion

    I’m glad to see I’m already using most of these. Google Analytics in particular has some advanced features for tracking outbound links through Event Tracking, so you can determine how many people click from your blog/site back to your social media profiles. I wasn’t familiar with TwitterCounter.com, though. I’ll have to check it out.