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64 Google+ Marketing and Branding Tips – Infographic

Google+ is a social media network that most people don’t seem to understand.64 Google+ Marketing and Branding Tips - Infographic

It has now been with us in the social web ecosystem for over 12 months and has reached over 400 million users. Despite this, it is underestimated as a tool for marketing your business and brand.

Maria Peagler calls it “The Rodney Dangerfield of social networks, because it gets no respect! It has tremendous SEO and branding potential, but few people realize the power it has“.

Just like Facebook it has personal and brand pages that allow you to post text, images and video. It has been designed from day one to be multi-media rich and optimized for mobile. It has forced Facebook to evolve more rapidly and enhance its features such as live video, larger and higher definition images and an improved user interface. What is often forgotten is that Facebook has been with us for over 8 years old and Google+ by providing a more modern look and feel has added vital competitive pressure to the social media landscape.

3 Key Features of Google+

Google+ offeres capabilities that make connecting and engaging online globally, richer and easier than in the past.

The following three features are valued by many users on Google+.


Hangouts allow you to have a live video chat with up to 10 people and many tools and and extensions have been created to make this a richer experience. Google+ hangouts have been embraced by communities globally, both personally and for business that allow real time face to face engagement. This builds sronger ties and relationships that just textual communication cannot.

No Limits to the Size of Articles

Despite Google+ having strong multi-media features, one of the Google+ features that is highly valued and widely embedded in its culture is the ability to add long articles. Long form content in text format is valued by  many of the Google+ community as it displays thought leadership and expertise.


This feature allows you to easily drag and drop users into custom created circles that can be private or public. Much of the discussions and engagement on Google+ is private which has led to the misnomer that it is a Ghost Town. It is used by many businesses to have private discussions with industry groups and communities.

Below are 64 more tips,tactics and features that you can utilize with Google+.

64 google plus marketing tips infographic

Infographic Source: Maria Peagler at Social Media Online Classes

What About You?

Are you on Google+? How are you finding its features and functions? Are your friends on Google+ or are they mainly on Facebook?

How are you finding it as a business marketing and branding platform?

If you are a blogger, is it working for you to increase engagement and traffic to your blog?

Look forward to reading your stories in the comments below.


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  • I’m on G+ a lot… I have lots of friends (new ones) that I’ve met there. I do 5-10 hangouts every day, have major engagement and find it makes my stuff show up in search better than any efforts I had tried to date (and I used to do SEO for a living).

    Great place to be IMO.

    • Sabih Ahmed

      You are right. Google + helps businesses and individuals to develop their brand and get good results in SEO. Compare to other Search engines, Google prefers its own, G+. So it is good to be on G+ and add it in a to-do list now. But don’t SPAM.

  • Utilize Google+ daily. This is a must include portion of social media for all businesses small or large. Currently there are more than 800 circles in my list and it continues to grow. There is one downside so far, which annoys me the most. This is the fact that Google really does limit the amount of people that can be added everyday. This is a downside and has slowed progress for me.

    • You might want to consider your following to follower ratio. There is no limit on how many can add you to their circles, only on how many you can add to your circles each day. It is wiser to have more circling you than you have circled from an SEO/Authority Point of View.

      • I agree with you about having more circling you than the other. There are some limitations set for circles such as a limit of 500 per circle and only being able to e-mail a post to a limited number of people at once. I sure would like to get my hands on the database of e-mail addresses Google has on file. WOW! That would be one heck of a e-mail campaign. Anyway, Google only at this point allows me to add one or two new people to my circles daily. Wish this was lifted but at this point some is better than none.

        • Wow… I’ve never experienced that type of limitation… only being allowed to add 1 or 2 peeps to a circle daily… sounds like you got ‘issues’!

  • Amazing post, I’m loving Google+ more and more these days!

  • deborah

    Great post cause I’m one that has never understood Google+. Every time I try to Tweet or reply w/Google+ it doesnt work so its been frustrating. How do I start using Google +correctly? Appreciate instructions. thx, deborah

  • Jeff, I like your post for the baseline information it offers about G+. But what is that “infographic” about? I use sarcastic quotations on “infographic” because that image fails the first rule of infographics – being informative. It’s more of a mis-titled checklist of things you can do on G+, most of which are pulled so far our of context they don’t make any sense. I enjoy your posts very often, but this post has an unfortunate piece of clutter.

  • Maria Quiban

    Great post! I’ve been using google+ & its hangout on-air feature here at +MyFoxLA and it’s been fantastic for engaging our viewers (old & new) from all over the world. It’s created a bigger awareness of the creative content we produce here in our newsroom and on our website. Hope you’ll come join one of our daily hangouts in Los Angeles where YOU get to hang out with celebrity guests from actors, directors, musicians to politicians & everyday compelling people!

  • Oremo Ochillo

    Great summary. I actually never thought about some of the great uses of being able to share your screen in a Hangout.

  • Scott Kahle

    I am trying hard to learn how to use Google + as well as other social media to promote my online exposure. I have been putting an exorbitant amount of time into it. I look at what others are posting for ideas, but all i find in meaning blurbs fro people who apparently have too much time on their hands. I guess I just don’t get it.

  • The image explains everything to earn with the features of Google+ and it is really helpful for number of businesses.

  • I am getting a lot of traffic from G+ to my website per my Google Analytics so that is enough reason for me!

  • good post. Google+ is still “under rated”, but that’s changing.