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8 Facts About Twitter That May Surprise You As It Adds 100 Million Users

Twitter has added over 100 million users in the last 12 months and along with this astonishing growth the way its users are interacting with the social media platform is changing as well. Twitter has struggled with the public’s perception of its usefulness and maturity and has often been considered the juvenile joking member of the social media family with LinkedIn the serious but successful sibling, YouTube the movie star brother and Facebook the socially vibrant and gregarious cheerleader sister.8 Facts About Twitter That May Surprise You As It Adds 100 Million Users

Twitter added a new user interface in 2010 without alienating its users and added features that provided multimedia functionality that made the platform increasingly deep and sticky for users to ensure that more continued to come back rather than just register and forget.

For a few months in 2009, Twitter looked like it was about to stall and become a rising star that crashed and burned but managed to fight back and return to stratospheric growth during 2010.

Twitters Growth of over 100 million in 2010

The majority of initial participants on Twitter kept it simple  and registered without bothering to upload a photo, tell people where they were from or link to their blog or website but this has now changed.

So how has it changed? Sysmos after examining well over 1 billion tweets compared the Twitter of 2010 to the Twitter of 2009 and has revealed some changes that indicate the maturing of the Twitter users tweeting habits and settings.

  • 82% of Twitter users now provide a name, compared with 33% in 2009.
  • 73% provide location information compared with 44% in 2009.
  • 63.3% now provide a bio, compared with 31% in 2009.
  • 45% of users submit a Web site address, compared with 22% in 2009.
  • 80.6% have made fewer than 500 tweets.
  • 22.5% have accounted for about 90% of all activity.
  • Users with more than 100 friends has increased by three-fold to 21% since 2009.
  • 44% of the total Twitter population joined between January 2009 and Aug 2010

The four elements that stand out for me is the dramatic increase in Twitter users who provide a name, location, bio and have added a website address. These elements allow you to find out more about the user and engage on a much more personal level because with that information you now can have a greater sense of who they are and whether you want to interact further. Twitter is indeed growing up.

What have you enjoyed about Twitter this year?

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  • I have had a twitter account for quite a while, but I only recently actually got back into it and am trying to utilize it to expand my network. I LOVE the improvements they have made and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow with Twitter!


  • I gave in to Twitter at the beginning of November and must admit I like it as a news feed as well as a Social Network. I’m finding out quickly that Twitter may be my favorite network by the end of 2011.

    It’s how I learned of this blog, which has been a nice resource that I wish I found sooner.


  • Twitter put me intouch with a real live person within my telco… and I even think this person was located IN my country! ; )

  • The Serendipity of finding so many cool things out there in cyberspace I may not have otherwise found!
    Mahola Twitter and Merry Christmas!

  • What I have found interesting is the amazing growth in human interaction, which for a while seemed to fly in the face of Twitter. Numbers of fans and followers still seems to be why many do this (I cannot figure out how someone has been on Twitter for 10 days and has 10K followers).

    For me,

    1. Networking with people outside my own niche. It’s remarkable to start connecting sharing insight with new markets of colleagues.
    2. Getting great information. I have found so much more information that has actually driven my career interests in new directions.
    3. You. That’s right. I found you through Twitter. I otherwise would not. That is how I’m discovering people.

    Daily I learn how powerful Twitter can be.

  • When we first decided to experiment with Twitter, we didn’t take it very seriously. Our initial plan was to use it as a tool for marketing and hopefully, make some sales. Like many, we were underwhelmed by the prospect and envisioned an experience like most of the humorous representations seen in the media (“I’m sitting on the couch…going to the bathroom, etc.). However, we soon learned that the most beneficial thing about Twitter is not what you can tweet, but who you can follow. We were quickly impressed with how many people were tweeting information complementing our strategies and goals. We’re learning some invaluable things from some very interesting people. Our anaylitcs don’t show us getting a lot of hits from Twitter, but our revenues have increased thanks to some priceless information tweeted by some of our new “friends”. Our goal now is to learn how to use it better.

  • Twitter has been an amazing communications and marketing tool for the boarding school where I work. I’ve been tweeting about school events for over a year and a half now. Followers include students, parents, other schools, education industry, local business and media. When a parent tells me that they wake up to look for the school tweets because it makes them feel closer to their son, I nearly cry. A mother told me recently that she follows me faithfully because her son never tells her what goes on here (typical teenager). But, she can ask him about a particular event she saw on Twitter and he has a meaningful conversation with her. I believe I did cry on that one.

  • Twitter has been a great way to connect with other artists and collectors.
    I also use it to go directly to the info sources on whatever subject I need- by just asking open questions I get faster answers from leaders in the field than I would through email.


  • Chelsea

    I first got a Twitter account last year as a senior in college, strictly for social reason. Now that I have graduated and am starting my career, I have seen just how powerful Twitter can be. I have learned a great deal by following professionals in my industry. In addition, I have the opportunity to run the twitter account for my company. It’s a great resource for coming up with topics for blogs and articles and starting conversation with your customers.

  • Thanks for sharing our study with your readers Jeff!

    And the thing I most enjoyed about Twitter this year was how, thanks to my job, I met so many awesome people from around the world that I probably wouldn’t have ever had the chance to interact with in any way.

    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  • These eight points cover my involvement with Twitter completely. Though I got on board in December 2009, it’s only in August this year, that I have actually filled up my profile details and started tweeting seriously. It’s great to know my little effort – among others – made a difference to Twitter.

  • This is very interesting to see the explosive growth of twitter. I had an account when it first came out, but never figured out how to use it well. Then heard about some of the twitter software to manage it, and now see the amazing power to connect with specific demographics, and interesting people around the country (or world).

  • Twitter for me is a news site. I check all the news updates without actually logging into the news sites or going through RSS feeds.

    • Pgbar1217

      What news updates do you get?

  • Prasso

    I was not a great user of twitter a year back. But now, I cant live without it. It helps to aggregate interesting articles that you will find difficult searching through the net for a specific topic of interest.
    I’ve connected with a lot more people through twitter than any other platform.

    To me,twitter is the new google.

  • I have found Twitter to be a good source of meaningful information as well as a way to make connections.  Further it still is a great site for breaking news.

  • I have tried to avoid twitter for sometime as I already don’t like all the email I have to read, it just seemed like more noise I’d have to digest when I’d rather be hiking or do something other than sitting on my computer all day. I actually began to accept the uses of microblogging when I introduced to Yammer to our team. When I bought a book on how to use it and connected to it on my cell phone I realized this could be something I could get used to. 
    It’s also cool to connect to industry leaders and big thinkers in such real time. Im enjoying being able to get content from so many people, I feel more connected to what’s going on in the cyber land.

  • I have tried to avoid twitter for sometime as I already don’t like all the email I have to read, it just seemed like more noise I’d have to digest when I’d rather be hiking or do something other than sitting on my computer all day. I actually began to accept the uses of microblogging when I introduced to Yammer to our team. Then I bought a book on how and why to use Twitter and connected to it on my cell phone which is when I realized this could be something I could get used to. It’s cool to connect to industry leaders and big thinkers in such real time. I can see more and more potential with it.