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Are Young Women Addicted To Facebook?

Social media addiction is becoming a reality in the online social networking world.

A recent Study announced by Mashable and conducted by Oxygen Media exposes the extent to which social media addiction has become for young women by revealing that 33% of women under the age of 34 check Facebook even before they go to the bathroom in the morning. The study also revealed the ongoing privacy concerns that people about Facebook and sharing on social media by mentioning that

Are Young Women Addicted To Facebook

54% of 18-24 year old women do not trust Facebook with their private information, and 89% agree that “you should never put anything on Facebook that you don’t want your parents to see.” That seems contradictory to the 42% that think it’s fine to post pictures of themselves drunk“.

I recently mentioned  in a post about the worlds largest blog that one of the business drivers and reasons that Arianna Huffington started Huffington Post was  that she recognized the “obsessive compulsive nature of the web”.

Personally one of the the reasons that attracted me to social media was the observation that the web drove obsessive behaviour (where there is obsession there is power and opportunity) and  I had initially observed this in my teenage children as they dashed upstairs to check the computer straight after dinner and it wasn’t for the latest information or an email from a friend to help with their research for their assignments or homework.

I ran a recent poll more for fun than anything else titled  ‘10 signs you are addicted to social media‘ where to date 70 people have voted and the  results so far reveal that nearly 50% of people that voted admitted that they had 5 or more symptoms of social media addiction. There was a comment on the post by  Ashley who said.

“Hello, my name is Ashley, and I am a social media addict. Before I do anything in the morning – even turn on the lights- I grab my laptop at the side of my bed (because I had to check my Facebook and Twitter before I could fall asleep) and I check to see what kind of activity happened while I was sleeping!”

Maybe Ashley has stated the most obvious and important sign that indicates that you have a social media addiction is the answer to the question…

Do you keep your laptop at the side of your bed at night?”

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  • steph_wilken

    Great post! Scary though! I’m about to be 29 and certainly don’t check facebook first thing in the morning, but, if you throw my newspaper, news Web sites, and Twitter in there … that’s a whole different story 🙂 I might be obsessed in that respect.

  • Of the (currently) 61% people of the poll who said they don’t keep their laptop by their bedside at night, how many of them have Facebook/Twitter for mobile? Do they check those last thing at night / first thing in the morning?

  • Siobhan O’Sullivan

    I think that the next phase of social media will be driven by the device as more people adopt smart phones, ipads or tablets that will make SM more accessible from one device. There is no need to log into multiple sites everything is a mere touch away.

    Therefore it is easy to check your emails, news, tweets, FB and other SM tools you prefer when you wake up, go to the toilet or before bed.

    We used to think nothing of opening the post, turning on the radio or tv to get our first contact with the outside world. Now you can check your personalised news feeds, check what friends and contacts are doing locally and internationally, chat with friends, exchange a few ideas, grow your business network, maybe check in on four square and all this before you have got up in the morning!

    Too much TV used to be bad for you now it will be too much social media until the next big thing.

  • There is a lot of stuff which is more harmful to be addicted to.
    Gamers for example. How many men are addicted to playing Call of Duty , Halo etc.
    Different types of interaction for the different sexes. Women are chatting while men are
    firing crossbows and grenades at each other.

  • anthony

    Not only do I keep my laptop near the bed, but I keep my iPhone in the bed, my Galaxy Tab in the bathroom or kitchen, and have my desktop running 24/7 in case all of their batteries die simultaneously. That, plus my PS3 is always on, period. I like to tell myself it’s so I don’t miss any important messages for my freelance work, but that’s just a convenient fiction so I don’t feel guilty about checking my Facebook every 3 minutes.

  • I know addictions are nothing to laugh about but still… I’m laughing, sitting here in te morning brfore having had breakfast, but at least not in bed and after having had a shower already 😉

  • Very true jeff,

    This is addiction. But, some addictions are good enough. They help you to go a long way.
    My social media addiction has boost my interest of becoming digital media planner. And today, digital media has become my life. So, i don’t find any thing wrong in this.

  • I have to admit I check it frequently but I also on purpose won’t look all day- I love control LOL plus I’m not a young chic I’m a little……well let’s just say a tiny bit beyond young 😉

    • It certainly isn’t just the young women who are addicted to social media!!…I think it is endemic..but it made a good headline. 🙂