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The One Skill That You Need Need To Master in Content Marketing

Ignorance is bliss. The beginner strikes out and doesn’t see the dangers ahead. The novice driven by passionate curiosity doesn’t see the complexity of the task […]

7 Inspiring Books You Must Read

She told me to turn off the light. It was 8pm and it was time to sleep according to the adult’s house rules. These were […]

How Content Marketing Transformed My Business (and life)

It was a paperback book someone I trusted and respected had recommended. Its title was good but not great. The headline wasn’t so compelling that […]

This is What The Successful Smart Entrepreneurs are Focusing On

You’re an entrepreneur. Compelled to compete. Desiring to dominate. Wanting to survive. Maybe you even want to leave a legacy and transform and influence an industry. That’s […]

12 Ways Online Publishers Make Money (Some may surprise you)

Confusion and overwhelm. That describes it….and I work in the industry. An insider. Became an online publisher, digital marketer and entrepreneur. A writer. Immersed myself in […]

10 Essential Skills a Social Media Manager Needs To Have on Their Resume

Only 10 years ago the  social media manager role was not even a job or a career. It didn’t exist. Facebook  was barely a year […]

10 Skills a Digital Marketing Manager Needs to Succeed

A digital marketer is like a conductor. Many players, a lot of shiny noisy instruments and a big audience. It means understanding the nuances of […]

Want To Grow Your Business? 10 Hard Questions You Need To Ask

Fixed mindsets irritate me. You know what I mean. Heard the conversations. We have always done it this way. It is just a fad. As […]

What I Learned From Reading These 5 Books (Warning: One may shock you)

So you pick up a book. Start reading. Creating pictures in your mind. Imagining. The wooden cabin nestles in the shadow of a snow covered mountain. The […]

3 Things Marketing Managers Aren’t Telling Their CEO

I am so frustrated with social media marketers. They think that Facebook is the only marketing channel, Snapchat is brand attention nirvana and spending money on influencers […]