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3 Books That Will Inspire You To Create Success Habits

I sometimes feel guilty when I shouldn’t. And it also happens when I spend time reading books. The challenge is that because I enjoy reading […]

7 Steps to Design a Life (and Business) That Makes you Happy

I was bored. The college professor was droning on at the front of the class. Many of us have had that experience. After completing high […]

Is the Age of Social Media as We Know It Over?

I sat there in amazement. I had created an account and logged in. The result was not what I expected. The screen had filled with […]

The Winning Mindset That You Need for Success

I was devastated. I had just completed a test and the results were in. And they weren’t good. Not what I wanted or expected. But […]

Is Social Media a Waste of Time for Free Traffic?

In 2014 I wrote an article titled “Why You Should Forget Facebook” The main premise of the post was that Facebook was reducing its organic […]

Why I Don’t Use Facebook to Get my News

I often start my weekend reading the weekend papers over a cup of black steaming coffee. The ones that take a deeper look at the […]

The One Word That Will Change Your Life

I was annoyed. Seething. Here I was talking with a client that was demanding the impossible. It wasn’t the first time I had these types […]

Why Facebook has a Big Problem

Have we reached peak social? Is our love affair with the shiny new toy ebbing? There are some warning signs. Facebook has just seen a […]

What Life’s Taught Me About the True Meaning of Success

What is success? It’s a big question. Many times we compare ourselves to others to define it. Is it an expensive car? A big house? […]

5 Inspiring Books That Are Transforming My Life and Business

The news was horrifying. There had been a mass shooting. Then another story broke. Some madman with his fingers on a big red button with […]