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The One Word That Will Change Your Life

I was annoyed. Seething. Here I was talking with a client that was demanding the impossible. It wasn’t the first time I had these types […]

Why Facebook has a Big Problem

Have we reached peak social? Is our love affair with the shiny new toy ebbing? There are some warning signs. Facebook has just seen a […]

What Life’s Taught Me About the True Meaning of Success

What is success? It’s a big question. Many times we compare ourselves to others to define it. Is it an expensive car? A big house? […]

5 Inspiring Books That Are Transforming My Life and Business

The news was horrifying. There had been a mass shooting. Then another story broke. Some madman with his fingers on a big red button with […]

The Top 5 Apps For Your Next Social Media Contest

The Top 5 Apps For Your Next Social Media Contest

Running a social marketing campaign is a great way to build your email list and generate more engagement with customers and fans. A social media […]

The 10 Most Annoying Types of People on Facebook

Social media amplifies humanity. Have you ever been to a barbecue and had to listen to someone prattle on about themselves for hours? Attended a […]

3 Life Lessons I Learned the Hard Way

Some of us discover our purpose in life at an early age. It might be writing, playing the violin or the driven and passionate artist. […]

The 10 Laws of Content Marketing Mastery

Content marketing is just two words. But it  has evolved to become a complex intersection and eco-system of art and science. For many of us it […]

10 Awesome Headlines that Drive Traffic and Attract Readers

Creating headlines that drive traffic and attracts readers is part art with a dose of science. If you don’t learn how to write a good […]

How I Break The Twitter Rules and Get 108 Million Impressions

It was tough being different. I was not doing things as they expected. Breaking the rules. They really didn’t like it. Their comments and insults […]