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10 Types of Visual Content On Instagram That Get Shared Like Crazy

Our attention spans are diminishing. We crave short, sharp bits of content that we can consume in a heartbeat without much thinking or effort. It’s […]

The 7 Best Ways to Fight Banner Blindness

The 7 Best Ways to Fight Banner Blindness

A few days ago I received a call from a friend of mine, a marketing manager at an e-commerce company. It’s a story I’ve heard […]

How To Dominate SEO With Data-Driven Insights

How To Dominate SEO With Data-Driven Insights

Does SEO ever frustrate you? There are so many things you need to keep track of; content, links, keywords, rankings, competitors… The list goes on. […]

Why You Should Forget About Linkedin

I was having a coffee with my good friend and fellow Entrepreneur Alex Pirouz… Alex is the founder of Linkfluencer, the world’s leading online LinkedIn […]

Heyo Cart - Buy Comments

New Facebook Tool: How To Use It To Convert Comments Into Sales

In 1995, authors, experts and influencers sold $10 million worth of eBooks through Amazon. 18 years later that number has grown to $1.6 billion. Despite the […]

Are Young Women Addicted To Facebook?

Social media addiction is becoming a reality in the online social networking world. A recent Study announced by Mashable and conducted by Oxygen Media exposes […]

5 Top Twitter Posts

I went looking for the latest  updates to Twitter’s ongoing global growth by trying to find the latest facts and figures. The Google search engine […]

7 Success Secrets Of The World's Largest Blog

If you look closely at some of the top blogs in the world that have emerged over the last 5 years it is interesting to […]

9 Ways to Create And Share Social Media Content At An Event

I recently attended a fashion show where my fashionista daughter had two of her fashion items entered and as a proud father I came along […]

The CEO And Social Media

One of the biggest challenges any company or CEO has is trying to decide on what to devote your time and resources on to achieve […]