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Google+ Sets New Growth Records

Google initially started its Google+ project to limited users in its field trial to make sure it scaled and performed well to ensure a great user experience. Over the last few days it has opened up the invites again for people to join its new second generation social network and the  users are flooding in.Google+ Growth sets new records

The impact of Google+ is starting to be significant. I have been keeping an eye on the traffic it is referring to my blog and in just a few days it is now the 3rd highest referrer of traffic behind Twitter and Facebook in just one week.

The most staggering statistic that has emerged is that it appears to be on track to add 20 million users in just 3 weeks.

Paul Allen has performed what appears to be quite an accurate analysis using surname sampling that he estimates is 99% accurate.

The Google+ Growth Rate

Applying his model  he tracked and calculated the following growth over the last week

  • On July 4  Google + had 1.7 million users in limited field trial
  • July 10,  Google + reaches a user base of  7.3 million users (350% increase in 6 days)
  • On July 12 Google+ reached 9.5 million new users (2.2 million added in just 32-34 hours)
  • Projected numbers by July 16 are estimated at 20 million (if they keep the invite button available)

These growth rates appear to be exceeding the past growth records by Facebook or Twitter.

The thing to keep in mind is this has been achieved while Google has been throttling back and severely limiting invites to the new network.

Also, this is all  happening before the Google plus social network is even opened to companies.

The world it seems is ready for a second generation social network. What do you think?

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  • Simply unprecedented, Plus’ adoption strategy is certainly one for the textbooks.  

    • Thanks Hiroki. Yes, I look with interest over the next couple of months to see if it maintains momentum. I think a lot of people will engage on Facebook and Google+

  • Kym Newborn

    We all love to jump on the hype of “New” Social Media!  Google+ is certainly fitting the bill here!  The Bandwagon is yet again shiny and new!  

    • Thanks for the comment Kym. Yes we all love “Shiny and New” . But it appears the success is well earned

  • Very accurate analysis, Jeff! I can’t agree more…

  • It’s game over. Facebook got caught napping while Google was working on Facebook+.

  • Facebook got caught napping while Google built Google+.

  • Sure looks like Google have got it right this time

    • Thanks John for your comment. It is starting to look like they have.

  • Rick Sass

    Never underestimate the power and reach of Google! This should be an interesting contest….

    • Yes, the competition has started in earnest!

  • They better keep it in beta for as long as possible. When Coke was field testing New Coke in the 80s EVERYONE loved the New Coke. Until it became available nation wide, and then the backlash began.

    The reason everyone loved New Coke in field trials is because it was scarce…and scarcity is a powerful opinion-maker.

    GMail was in beta for over 2 years (if my memory serves me correctly) and that worked out pretty well for google.

    They know how to keep their betas going…Im sure G+ will remain “invite only” for a while…I’m guessing 6 months at least.

  • What a great post, Jeff. I just joined Google + a few hours ago and am VERY impressed. It feels like all the good parts of Twitter, LinkedIn and FB! Wow.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t you mean [Third] generation? Arguably Friendster started it all, then there was a batch of “that’s a good idea”… MySpace, Bebo, Facebook and now Google+ and I suspect that Facebook will mature into whatever G+ does. This is going to be interesting!

  • At PayPoint.net we are
    looking closely at how Google+ is evolving and growing. It could yet prove to
    be one of the most important marketing tools for all e-commerce businesses.

    • Thanks for the comment. This is developing into a huge ecosystem in its own right at speed!

  • Here’s my take, available on GovLoop: 
    I Will Leave Facebook (But not Twitter) for Good – You Will, Too


  • Daxesh Patel

    My prediction on G+ post on number of users on G+. On 12th July I predicted accurately that on 14th Google+ will reach 10.1 M Users.

  • Daxesh Patel

    My prediction on G+ post on number of users on G+. On 12th July I predicted accurately that on 14th Google+ will reach 10.1 M Users.

  • Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing the stats. That’s an impressive rate of referring traffic, considering it’s already your third biggest referrer!

    Of course, it is still early days for the network, but I have to say I think this is by far Google’s best attempt.

    Funny enough, I spent a while putting together a post about how Google+ may have caught Facebook by surprise. Would LOVE your thoughts on this.


    It would be great to get your perspective on it. I must confess, I need to get into the habit of using it. I’m much more of a Twitter user in the day time!



  • Stoudy2

    ok so is this why i can’t import my contacts properly?