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"The World is Hanging Up"

I was involved recently with a telecommunications company that had been operating with no web site  for nearly a year and its main form of marketing was cold calling …you know the type that call you in your office or home and offer you… that special latest mobile phone deal. So what was their target market.. every business that drew breath… and what value did they offer the cusomer except maybe a cheaper price… very little. So their marketing was made up of one strategy, cold calling.  The marketing department consisted of staff  calling for up to 6 hours per day and only booking one appointment in that time. People were literally hanging up on them. There is a better way!  Our lives are so busy now and and with so much media noise and clutter that traditional marketing is becoming less and less efficient.

So how would a company stand out from the pack by using Internet Marketing such as a search engine optimised (SEO) web site,  low cost blogs and inbound marketing instead of expensive traditonal marketing . 

10 Tips To Stand Out From The Crowd In Your Industry

  1. Have a web site that helps your buyers and provides value with new interesting content  that assists your buyers.. not just a static web site that doesn’t change. 
  2. Offer content that shows how to do something with step by step instructions that adds value to your customers, or potential clients.
  3. Have a video on the web site showing something interesting about your industry, this can be even a Youtube video  that you just provide the video link for.
  4. Target a Segment and really understand it by producing content on the web site that addresses their needs specifically.
  5. If you are passionate about your business, contribute to the conversations in the other blogs in your industry so you can start becoming known as a thought leader.  
  6. Create a blog that keeps adding new content that helps place you further up the search engines rankings as search engines love new content. 
  7. Create Links to sites that are also well known in your industry this will assist in your Search Engine Optimisation and get you up in the Google rankings.
  8. Join Twitter and start experimenting like putting links between twitter,  your blog and web site.
  9. Join a social media site like Facebook and then join groups in your industry that are part of Facebook.
  10. Offer an E-book subscription that captures email from your online inquiries so you can start engaging with your clients and potential buyers .

Ths challenge with anything is just.. doing it…  You can research  forever but just start the journey. The one thing that a company can easily do is start a blog, and add a content to that blog and update it regularly. It is easy to do you, you can go to WordPress and set up a blog for free and be up and running within a very short time frame.

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    • Does replying to this comment technically mean I am the second comment on your blog Jeff? 🙂

  • This is a good summary of positive steps a business can take to start standing out. I agree with you that it can be daunting to get started, but that first step is the important one.

    One thing I would add on point #7 is to ask sites to reciprocate and create links back to your site. Some sites will and some won’t, but it’s easy to ask and it will improve your website SEO significantly.

  • Hi Jeff,
    first time I am reading your very first blog post. I like #3 especially and will action that today. done #8 & #9 : @notjustagranny & @3days_in_london & 3 others :). Like the idea of #10! not sure yet how to set it up, but i am a work in progress, I am determined to figure it all out 🙂
    Thanks for the post
    Cindy @notjustagranny

  • Johan

    Jeff, I’m the marketing guy at a telecoms company in the UK. The first thing I did when I started was to measure the CPA of the leadgen methods, they were along the following lines: exhibitions:£1500, telemarketing:£900, PPC:£150,web/organic:£30. They need a website, fast! Nobody likes cold callers anymore, especially aggressive telecoms types.

  •  Glad you posted this one, Jeff. I’d been falling behind, and got a little lax.

    OK! OK! A lot lax! 

    Shut up already, willya? 😉 

    Okay. I am the freakin’ queen of lax! And I’m not even in L.A.!

    (LOVE teaching struggling readers, but hate promoting!)

    ( http://yourchildwillread.com ) Sorry to add a link, but my gravatar is for my obnoxiously political, liberal, chatty self, not my “I am a reading teacher / tutor online self.”) I won’t do it again! That’s a promise. Figured it didn’t make sense otherwise. 😀

  • Martin Oxby

    Hi Jeff – I don’t know which blogging software you use, but your posts don’t appear to have valid tags meaning you could be losing visitors who are searching for your kind of article.

    You’re right of course, cold calling is the most hated form of marketing and the focus over the last few years has been developing a role in a community, providing value and developing relationships. Cold Calling does not do that as it just exists for ROI, a financial metric.

    While ROI is important, true business relationships will yield a much better ROI and you’ll enjoy the ride as well.

    Martin Oxby

  • Clivehill

    So true you will all make mistakes along the way but lots of nice people will put you right. Repro Arts have foun that this is the best way to show graphics & 3D printing. We are sill learning & love comment on our web site or posts.

  • Great tips about inbound marketing, Jeff.

  • Great tips about inbound marketing, Jeff.

  • You found my first blog post! Yikes 🙂

  • Luke Westwood

    Thanks for the webinar tonight Jeff, really helpful and loving looking at your early posts.

    • Glad to have you on the Webinar and those first posts are revealing aren’t they? 🙂

  • Bonnie David

    Love the headline. Why did you use quotation marks? Is it a direct quote? It sure captures my attention. Your first blog post has no images (as you mention in your blogging course). The key is to ‘start’ the process. What do you mean when you suggest to ‘put links between Twitter, your blog and website’? Thanks for sharing the 10 tips that can help us stand out.