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How a WordPress Plugin Has Simplified Online Sales

How a WordPress Plugin Has Simplified Online Sales for Bloggers Creating your own digital products and developing passive income streams is a common dream amongst most online entrepreneurs. But if you’re related to a creative industry like freelance writing, graphic designing, web designing, the urge for monetizing your creative skills is much greater.

You know you have the talent to create a product of your own and can achieve long term financial stability with it.

But creating your own product, as many of you know, is only one part of the equation. You also need to have the right marketing and sales strategy to monetize your product and know the right tools that can help you execute your strategy.

WordPress has already simplified much of that task by enabling even the most amateur computer users to run their own websites and blogs – platforms that can be used to launch your product.

Established WordPress ecommerce plugins like WooCommerce, WP e-Commerce and Jigoshop have been downloaded millions of times by users all over the world

Online sales made easy

But a new WordPress e-commerce plugin, Selz, aimed specifically at creative professionals and entrepreneurs, has made online selling even simpler.

Selz, like Gumroad, is designed to help creative professionals sell directly from their websites, with no requirement of any technical knowledge or coding expertise. It’s as simple as a copy and paste to embed a Buy Now Button, Widget or Store onto a WordPress site.

All you need is a product and Selz can take care of the rest. Its clean and simple design is backed by all the necessary features like pay what you want, discounts, automated digital file delivery, etc. Unlike a lot of the other solutions, Selz also handles the credit card payments so there is no need to connect it to a separate payment processor like Stripe.

Many well-known freelance writers, designers and other creative professionals (Kristi Hines, Sarah Steenland, Gary Korisko and Berni Xiaong to name a few) have already used Selz.

Let’s have a closer look at this simple and multipurpose ecommerce plugin.

Configuring the Selz WordPress ecommerce plugin

WordPress Plugin to sell products

Before you start selling with Selz, you’ll need to install and configure its WordPress plugin. The installation process is the same as any other WordPress plugin. You can either download it from the WordPres plugin library or install it directly from the Add New option in the plugins area of your WordPress website.


WordPress Plugin to sell products

Once the plugin is installed, you’ll need to create a free account on the website of Selz. The sign up process is quite simple and doesn’t take more than a minute to complete.

WordPress Plugin to sell products

Head over to your member dashboard, add your payment details and start selling immediately!

WordPress Plugin to sell products

Now in order to create a selling widget for your WordPress website, you need to select the type of products or services that you’re offering. It can be anything from digital products like eBooks, images, audio files to physical items like clothing etc.

WordPress Plugin to sell products

The product area has a very simple interface and only requires the most basic information about your product or services. You can use anything from simple images to HD videos in order to make your product truly stand out.

The pricing display is also quite good and also allows you to list discounts with the original price crossed just next to it.

And just in case you’re offering a freebie, like an eBook, in exchange for user email address, you can simply mark your product as Free in the product section.

WordPress Plugin to sell products

Once you enter the required product information (which should not take more than a minute or two) Selz will give you a unique product URL. Copy this URL, go back to your WordPress website and enter it into the Selz plugin admin area.

WordPress Plugin to sell products

There are other styling options in the plugin as well that you can use to modify the appearance of your product widget. Once you’re done with the configuration, just drag the Selz widget to the active widgets area in WordPress-àAppearanceàWidgets area.

Product appearance, payment collection and list building

As apparent from the plugin configuration details, Selz is quite simple in setting up and doesn’t require more than 5-10 minutes to complete the whole configuration process. But it makes your products look much more attractive to the buyers and completely nullify the need for any custom ecommerce development on your website.

But apart from the appearance, Selz provides several other useful features that really make it a complete ecommerce package.

For example, it enables you to collect Master Card and Credit Card payments in more than 150 countries. With every product widget, it displays a simple Buy Now button that is integrated at the backend with your payment gateway. When a customer orders through this widget, Selz completes the order without any redirection – hence, no distractions for your customers.

It also manages the complete product delivery process for digital products and dispatches the product as soon as the customer makes the payment.

You can also integrate it at the backend with an auto-responder service like Mailchimp or AWeber and use as a list building tool.

All this within your simple Selz product widget.

WordPress Plugin to sell products

And just in case you’re an analytics guy like me, you can connect your Selz account with Google Analytics or head over to the Selz website and view detailed analytics about your products and sales on your dashboard.

WordPress Plugin to sell products

As I mentioned earlier, you can use Selz completely free to giveaway freebies. But if you’re using it to make sales, you’ll be charged a nominal 5% of the product price + 25 cents on every sale. There are no monthly fees attached. So you only need to pay when you make a sale.

All this means that you can focus solely on your strengths – that is product development – and leave all the technicalities and product management tasks to your Selz plugin.

Wrapping it up

Developing your own product and making a regular income through it is a common dream among freelancers and creative professionals. While Selz cannot develop a product for you (you’ll need to do that yourself, sorry) it does make the whole selling process unbelievably simple and convenient for your buyers.

Guest author: Jawad Khan is a certified inbound marketer, a freelance blogger and marketing consultant. He helps digital marketing agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs build their online presence and brand image. Connect with him on his blog,Writing My Destiny and Google+


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  • We love plugin and that’s a pretty slick one!

  • Ben Lorentzen

    Thank you. I enjoyed this article

    Can you say something about the difference between using Paypal and Selz?

    I see that paypal is somewhat integrated with Paypal….
    For instance, will I have to pay Paypal fee ON TOP OF Selz fee if someone decides to use paypal through Selz?

    Also: What are the main benefits to use Selz rather than just use Paypal? Their fees are a bit higher than Paypals…

    Thank you so much


    • melissa whidjaya

      Hi Ben!

      I’m Melissa, and I work at Selz. The benefit of using PayPal within Selz is that you offer customers the choice of buying using credit cards or PayPal within a nicer, simpler checkout process that doesn’t force them to leave your site. As well as being very quick and easy to setup, Selz offers lots of additional features to help you sell more, so really, offering PayPal is just one of the many things you can do via the platform. For example, audio and video previews, social media sharing for Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest, Facebook store app, Pay What You Want, PDF stamping, integration with Aweber or Mailchimp for building your email list, etc. For extra features, Selz has a mix of paid and free apps you can choose from. There are no monthly fees for using Selz. You pay a 5%+25c fee only when you make a sale which would include any PayPal transaction costs. I hope this answers your question. It’s free to sign up, so you’re welcome to give it a try.


      • Looks fantastic – any plans to extend it to offer recurring payments so it can be used for a monthly pay product or is it for free/single transactions only?

        • Hi I’m Geoff from Selz. The good news is that we are releasing a recurring payments app for use within Selz in just 1 or 2 weeks time. So you should be able to use us to do recurring payments or subscriptions very soon. The best way to find out when it is released is to sign up for Selz as its free to join. We’ll be letting everyone know when this feature is released via our email newsletter or via Twitter / Facebook.

  • Ruth Ursula Coetzee

    Thanks Jeff – as always very informative and the message always seems to arrive just when I had this question……..

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  • Thanks for freely sharing your knowledge and experience. I’m bookmarking this one and passing it on!

  • Selz seems to be an invaluable tool with regards to product selling. Yes, while Selz cannot help the user develop a product, it is important for the distribution of content. I think that this review make this plugin more appealing!

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  • Gary L. Dorion

    Seems promising and I will check out Selz. Thanks for sharing.

  • This is the best plugin explanation that I have ever seen — I actually have hope that I can get it up and running fast!

    • Thanks Cheri.

      I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  • WOW! From the description and the specs of the plugin described in the article, I can deduce that it will be a very handy plugin indeed! I had been aware of Woo Commerce and a couple of other free plugins also, which have similar functions.

    But this one, it seems, stands a class apart. Be it the wide range of functionality that it offers or the sheer ease of setting up and customization, this one is truly a great plugin.

    No doubt that online sales will be made much easier by it. I found the link to this article on Kingged.


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  • Hey Jeff,

    This sounds like a very promising product. One of my friends just started a blog and was looking for a way to sell right off of his wordpess blog. I’m definitely going to tell him about Selz and I may even take a gander at it myself. I really like the fact that it only charges you only when you make a sale! Thanks for sharing!

  • paul smith

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