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How do You Use LinkedIn? [INFOGRAPHIC]

LinkedIn is the poor second cousin of the social networking fraternity with its glamorous siblings Facebook and Twitter hogging the limelight.How do You Use LinkedIn INFOGRAPHIC

Facebook wins the popularity contest with nearly 8 times more friends than LinkedIn and Twitter just keeps getting mentions in the newspaper’s society pages.

If LinkedIn had a personality, you would maybe say that it was quiet, professional and quite private.

How you use social media is dependent on what you are trying to achieve (goals) and who you want to meet (target audience) and if you want to make serious professional contacts for B2B then LinkedIn is the place to hang out.

LinkedIn is the Cocktail Party

LinkedIn with more than 100 million members and an average income of more than $100,000, is the social networkings equivalent of the cocktail party while Facebook is the backyard barbecue.

If you want to network with serious decision makers then LinkedIn provides the appropriate channel. So how do you Use LinkedIn to network and how do you generate business opportunities

4 Key Steps to Creating Leads and Opportunities with LinkedIn

Social media sites provide a platform to network with peers and people of similar interests globally and LinkedIn does this for professionals and executives with leverage and efficiency that provides networking opportunities on steroids.

So what are four key ways to take advantage of the LinkedIn for business.

1. Commit once a week to use LinkedIn to connect with several current or former business associates this will put you top of mind for opportunities that may emerge out of these strengthened connections.

2. Over the next month make the effort to join ten groups on LinkedIn. This will raise your visibility and personal brand.

3. Once you have joined these groups start a discussion in each of these ten groups you have joined. As you are an expert in your field people will notice your thought leadership and will want to engage your services for their companies.

4. Go to LinkedIn’s Answers section and answer 5 questions a week. This is a long term strategy but will pay off over time.

The goals of these 4 steps is to create new connections, strengthen existing relationships and position you as a thought leader and an expert that will provide you with leads and business opportunities.

So How do other Executives use LinkedIn?

How do you use linkedIn INFOGRAPHIC

Infographic by Lab42

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Image by nan palmero

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  • David Hunter

    LOL Nice catch Bradley. Sexist graphic designers suck. Interesting stats – but I dont believe the numbers anyway. It’s all about the phrasing in the questions. First question: “What do you use primarily”? Umm – isn’t ALL social networking pretty much “professional” in one way or another? I mean – as a business owner, if I am looking for, or hiring someone, I am going to check ALL of these platforms for how the person interacts online. 

    The 2nd stat – “35% check LI every day”?! Suuuure you do.

    • I had to actually stifle a laugh as I read the comment, David Bradley -brilliant catch indeed!  

      I think if you  look closely, they have a graphic of a man in a chair crossing his legs, then they have a female taking a note standing, and it looks as if they have combined the two graphics in the picture you were talking about.  Lol…..

  • LinkedIn is definitely where I put on my business suit and pearls. I think it’s a great platform to talk about things that we’ve done for our clients, reach out to others for advise or direction, and in general contribute to conversations. It’s a totally different feeling over there than on FB, but that’s one reason why I like it.

    Thanks for the great article.

  • I probably should use Linkedin more and more…

  • Social Media Marketing


    Thanks to share these steps with us.

    Linkedin provide many services like Q/A participation, Poll etc. I use
    Linkedin  to
    connect with business people all over the world as its also a business
    oriented social networking site.


  • So true! 

  • Great information as usual Jeff, & I liked the creative Infographic actually (Good job Lab42!).

     One of my pet peeves/frustrations about blog articles about LinkedIn & LinkedIn ‘trainers/consultants/gurus’ is the focus on all the passive ‘do something, then wait’ activities on LinkedIn.
    Profile tweaking, cries of ‘100%-100%-100% your Profile’, Keywords & ‘being found’, to answering questions & visibility in groups – all important aspects to Personal Brand building & use of LinkedIn – however the average user, one not relying or able to rely on ‘business coming to them’ like so many branded LinkedIn consultants, needs some ideas on Proactive use of LinkedIn – things in their control, IMHO.Point one above touches on that, a reference to proactively connecting with ‘several current or former business associates’, however whether I’m job searching, seeking prospects for sales/business or wanting to hire someone, what else can I do?This is something I’d love to hear your take on Jeff.I suspect it might have something to do with getting good at Search (& not just on LinkedIn) & Research, then creative approach, rapport building & helping others – all the time leveraging on the three dimensional Personal Brand you’re fostering, building, maintaining – through all the passive tweaks and activity you have on the Social Web!All the best for 2012!(Pffft, Mayans! What did they know!)Jason”Connecting GoodPeople”

  • Great infographic! Here is a two part series on how to perfect your profile and then build out your network on LinkedIn: http://www.velocx.com/2012/12/linkedin-tune-up-supercharge-your-network/

  • Liz Ruff

    Great article with a followup question…do people really pay attention to the pesky endorsements? I find them gratuitous and arbitrary. A multiple choice endorsement? IMHO – ludicrous.

  • Harry Gardiner

    Thanks for the great info, I don’t update my linkedin nowhere near as often as I should. It’s simply not the first social network on my mind when it comes to socialising, but it’s definitely a great professional resource.

  • LinkedIn is the most powerful prospecting tool ever developed. It’s a minor miracle for entrepreneurs selling B2B.

  • ” LinkedIn with more than 100 million members and an average income of more than $100,000, is the social networkings equivalent of the cocktail party while Facebook is the backyard barbecue.”
    That say’s it all right there; I was looking for a way to discribe LinkedIn to others and this is perfect. Thank you Jeff Bullas for this article. All the best of success to you and yours. Jason