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How Much Buzz Does Tiger Woods Generate On Social Media Compared To The Global Number One Brand?

The rise of personal brands online and offline has been a phenomenon of the last decade with  personalities and sports stars such as Paris Hilton and Tiger Woods generating a lot of  press and buzz. Recently I looked at the Buzz of Brands online comparing the Top 10 Global Brands ranking with their “Online Buzz Ranking” including social media and online websites such as:

  • Tweets
  • Blog Posts
  • News
  • Video
  • Images

Tiger Woods Global Brand Buzz On Social Media compared to Coca Cola The Worls Number One Brand

So what is the value of the  Tiger Woods Brand despite all the negative publicity over the past few months ? It appears that the majority of sponsors have stood by the golfing superstar. He is said to be the first sports star to be worth a billion dollars.

Let’s compare Tiger’s Brand Buzz to the buzz of the number one global brand, Coca Cola.

Tiger Woods Global Brand Buzz In 24 hours on social media and online

Total Posts 8,065

  • Twitter 7,060
  • Blog Posts 208
  • News Articles 789 (including cnn.com)
  • Videos 6 (such as YouTube)
  • Images 2 (eg Flickr)

Tiger WooTiger Woods Global Brand Buzz In 24 hours compared to the Top 10 Global Brands on Social Media and Onlines

Coca Cola’s  Global Brand Buzz In 24 hours on Social Media and online

Total Posts 1,845

  • Tweets 994
  • Blogs  505
  • News 317
  • Video None
  • Images 29

Coca Cola 24 hour Social Media Brand Buzz Online

Looking at the figures you can certainly see why sponsors pay the big dollars to get on board with Tiger Woods, as he generates  437% more buzz on social media and online than the number one brand in the world, Coca Cola in a 24 hour period.

Is Tiger Woods worth a Billion Dollars? Love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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  • very interesting post jeff! i’m not surprised to see the results, per se, but they are definately eye opening and it does speak to the importance of brand and once a brand is successfully and properly built, it can be difficult to bring a brand down. tiger will continue to be a media draw even if most of america villify him, which my guess is they won’t. the ratings for the masters will be huge in a few weeks. great article!

  • Jeff, what tool is generating the analytics graphics in this blog? –John Barber

  • Ellen Mrja

    Hi, Jeff. Of course, these figures say nothing about what *kind* of buzz Tiger Woods or anyone/anything else is generating. Still, an interesting post. Thanks.

  • karan

    this is so amazing! Just have to say i love ur tweets. Ur like the one stop shop source for interesting info & statistics on social media. Keep it going Jeff.

  • For me he’s worth it as he’s a global mega brand. On every channel. In every Region – that’s The Big Value.

  • E1even5ive

    Interesting comparison.
    Sentiment of buzz aside, every brand dreams of building an ongoing ‘conversation’ with consumers. Hunch is it’s that much easier for folks to engage wirh an individual.
    Makes me think it’d be interesting to see evaluation of brands with highest (most fequent) engagement. Zappos, Nike et al.

  • Lynn

    Great idea to put these two together for a post. I think it would be even more intriguing to see Tiger Woods vs a global brand that has also been facing a lot of negative PR.. *cough*BP*cough*

    Great post!

  • Verifier

    I just ran the same analysis with my tool — came up with completely different results; so I’m curious about the accuracy of the tool:

    Last 24 hours:

    Query = “Tiger Woods”
    1,576 Blog Posts
    4,781 Tweets

    Query = “Coca Cola”
    1,456 Blog Posts
    6,660 Tweets

    Seems the tool, whatever it is, is missing a lot of the data. If I include the other sources, the numbers go up a lot
    6,660 Tweets !!

    Interesting comparison

  • I really don’t know if he is worth a billion dollars but, I know it is easier for people to put a face to his brand as compared to coca cola which is an inanimate object.

  • Thanks for the comment. There are a lot of tipping points in many industries at the moment with the growth of “disrupt” business models being created by social media and mobile internet

  • hi Jeff
    great post, which tools was used to generate these charts?