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How to Achieve Fun, Fame and Fortune Blogging

I don’t know about you but sometimes this blogging gig can be a chore.How to Achieve Fun Fame and Fortune Blogging

Long lonely hours of writing and editing, coming up with the inspiration for the headlines and sitting down to do the work while your friends are out partying. Just getting started is a challenge. What do you want to blog about? Will it work? How do I set up this WordPress technology thing.

Writers block lurks every day. It doesn’t just afflict the beginner but the best. These are some of the challenges that confront us all.

So why should you start and why persist?

Why you should start

When starting, the reasons why are sometimes nothing more than a curiosity driven by a passion for the topic. Sometimes it is the intersection and synergy of multiple motivations. Maybe leave a legacy and learn along the way.

Here are some of the reasons for blogging that I hadn’t really considered when I published for the first time.

  1. Your brand awareness will grow
  2. Open doors to global opportunities
  3. Create business networking opportunities
  4. Position you and your brand as a thought leader and expert
  5. Website will rank higher in search engines
  6. Learn a lot about your business and yourself
  7. Build an online asset that doesn’t sleep
  8. Grow as an individual and as a business
  9. Provide lifestyle freedom
  10. Gain access to free crowd sourced marketing

I am sure there are more but there is something for everyone. Done right it does contain fun, a possible 15 minutes of fame and more and the promise of fortune.

Achieve one of those…then it is worthwhile.

Who has the money?

In looking around it starts to become apparent that there are many ways to make money from new media (blogging). It is not a singular approach but a matrix of multiple opportunities and tactics.

Blogging has evolved rapidly because of the social web and in the past was driven by building email lists which took a lot of time. With the advent of social media their marketing and growth have been supercharged.

Global reach and influence at the speed of a tweet, a Facebook share or a viral video.

To make money from a blog in 2013 you do not have to be a Huffington Post. There are many ways to make a living out of blogging that can enhance your current business and lifestyle that are within everyone’s reach.

Here are 11 different business models in this Slideshare presentation with case studies.

What is the framework for success?

Here are 10 key elements you will need to succeed at your blogging.

  1. Focused plan
  2. Memorable branding
  3. The platform you own
  4. Design that works
  5. Blogging and website hosting that runs 24/7
  6. Creating and packaging your content
  7. Grow your social networks
  8. Optimise for search engines
  9. Network and build promotional partnerships
  10. Build an email list

Six takeaways

Need to boil it down then the here are the core takeaways.

  1. Focus
  2. Start
  3. Publish
  4. Grow your networks
  5. Package your knowledge
  6. Market & Promote 

What about you?

How is your blogging journey? Started, stalled or are you well on your way. What have been your biggest challenges?

It is not a get rich quick scheme and if anyone that tells you it is then hold tight onto your money and run!

Look forward to your insights and stories in the comments below.


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  • venkyiyer58

    Would appreciate it if you write some posts on how best to tie blogging activities to social media presence.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I am not quite sure what you mean, could you elaborate?
      Just about every article I write on blogging is tied and woven into social media marketing because of the importance of social to distribute and market your blog content.

  • Yes, there are no shortcuts. It’s buckle up and do the work and keep learning and tweaking.

  • The art of expression drives learning and self discovery. The feed back you get in real time from the social web does accelerate the process.

  • Soem answers
    a. Every post should be posted to every network you are on. Eg I post them to LinkedIn, Google+, Tweet them more than once after posting
    b. Also post other people’s insightful content to your social networks
    c. Both ways
    d. You can tweet every half an hour or so with good content your or others. Facebook and Google + several times a day
    Hope that helps 🙂

  • Berat Balkı

    I do like blog and I’am following yours blogs, it’s very good 😉

  • Yes that is easy to do. You need to keep reading and pushing the ongoing development so you don’t become stale.

  • Cowley

    We love your stuff & respect your work. Joe Cunningham (@Indianajoe77), our IMM also wrote about this for our blog: http://www.cowleyweb.com/blog/blogging-seo & http://www.cowleyweb.com/blog/blogging-social-media What do you think about our blogging and what can we improve?

  • readmytwips

    I began blogging about 3 months ago. I needed to expand my skillets for web development using WordPress. I chose my favorite topic Food for a couple of reasons. 1. I read food blogs ALL the time. As a trained chef, I’m always looking for inspiration, ways to tweak a recipe, or new methods of using ingredients. 2. On some level, I was convinced I could do it better than many of my blogging contemporaries. I would use better photographs (or just photographing at all), more descriptive processes, and exotic recipes that was trying for the first time. So it was part experimental and part experiencial. And that fast, Geekeatsworld.com was born. Now my difficulty is posting consistency and more content.

  • Phil Vanderloo

    As I mentioned in your previous post, the hardest part for me is getting people to the blog in the first place. Creating great content doesn’t mean a thing if no one is seeing it.
    This is why I’m hearing more and more teachings about how your efforts should be 80% getting the content to the right people and 20% creating good content. It all makes sense to me now. Wish I could figure out how to accomplish the 80% thing.