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How To Facebook ‘Like’ Your Google Search

The web becomes more social every week as Google continues to evolve its search engine by rolling out  a new +1 button that attempts to play catchup with Facebook’s social proof  efforts and Bing displaying search results with links that have been Facebook “liked” by your friends.How To Facebook Like Your Google Search

The Facebook ‘like’ button has only been around 12 months and just announced its first birthday that has seen millions of blogs and websites integrate the Facebook ‘like’ button into their online DNA.

According to Facebook’s own statistics.

More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook, including over 80 of comScore’s U.S. Top 100 websites and over half of comScore’s Global Top 100 websites

An enterprising developer, Crossrider.com has now come up with a simple plugin that adds a Facebook ‘like’ button to every Google search result that shows

  • How many people liked each of the results
  • Who from your friends already have recommended it

How To Facebook Like Your Google Search

I have been trialling it over the past few days and it appears to work well and very easily.

The Top 4 Features

  1. It provides you with a counter button telling you how many times someone has Facebook ‘liked’ that particular link
  2. It displays you Facebook friends that have ‘liked’ it and you can click through to their page
  3. You can ‘like’ the link on the search results page itself
  4. You can turn it off or hide the function

It certainly gives you an indication of the social proof of each result that adds another dimension to a Google search.

To add it to your Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox browser click here. Check it out and tell me what you think

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  • Jeff Bullas: Please review how to spell its and it’s in proper context (re your “just announced it’s first birthday”). Thank you.

    • Thanks for the comment and it’s now fixed 🙂

  • Ique Muniz

    But this is only a plugin that doesn’t have effects on rankings, right? How Google “allows” this, since the company and Facebook aren’t exactly the best friends..

  • Here’s the one thing I don’t get about integrating share buttons right into search results: why would someone share a page before they click through to it? And it would be ironic to click back from the page to the Google results and then click “like” – because if the content is really that good, people wouldn’t be looking for another option.

    So basically it’s just going to be people sharing their own material, right? How does that help Google bring better results for searchers?

  • That is an interesting point Henry! It is interesting how vouching for content can help boost positions of some websites, but this is definitely a backwards approach.

  • I’d love to try it, but all I get when I click on the download link is “Sorry, browser extensions can only be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store”